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  1. Lots of info here, and no bad votes. Good job.
  2. I know that the Easter egg on moon can be done on solo, but I am concerned about once you've done it. If you play as Richtofen, do you still swap souls with Sam therefore making the zombie's eyes turn blue?
  3. I would like a wall gun on no mans land cos there's almost nothing there except the perks and PaP
  4. Is it actually possible to CHOOSE which fate? Because for me I just go through a random door and get what I get.
  5. I am disappointed that Dempsey, Nikolai Richtofen and Takeo are NOT in the trailer, so it is hinting that they will not return. I AM COUNTING on you people who say they will return! Lets hope so! :D
  6. Will the 4 main zombies characters be returning in BO2? (Dempsey, Nikolai, Richtofen, Takeo) Since they can time travel, they could possibly go to the year 2025 to continue fighting zombies...
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