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  1. Very well done! It's good to have them all in one place, especially because a lot of the posts on this site that go in depth into each of them are old and full of many "junk posts." Good job!
  2. Alright, it sounds like a fun challenge, but I think I'm gonna pre-order the hardened edition like Salad Fingers said. Thanks for the help guys!
  3. Okay so with Black Ops and its subsequent map packs being out for some time now, and Black Ops II and the next generation of zombies creeping up, I am unsure whether or not purchasing this map pack would be worth it. It seems as if this map had the least positive reaction from the community, so I'm unsure if it would be worth it in the sense of quality. Also, and I know this is a bit of a stretch, there is always a possibility that all the maps from Black Ops may be included somehow into Black Ops II, so I don't want to waste my money on something I could get for the newer game. However, I still feel like I'm missing out on a huge chunk of the zombie storyline, especially after the whole Jimmy Zielinski-Shangri-La business. Does anyone have an opinion or a thought on this?
  4. It sounds like a distortion of "Beauty of Annihilation to me. However, due to the nature of the video and its rather pointless "message," I'd say it's coincidence or at least not circumstantial in terms of actually revealing anything. Who knows, though; maybe time will prove me wrong.
  5. Thanks for the advice, MegaAfroMan. And maybe I will wirte "To Love a Lizard" as well, Tankeo :D
  6. Hello all! I have been on this site for a little under two months now and I have a very low, very sad amount of posting. I wish I had a much higher post, but to be honest I don't know what to do. When it comes to posting, I feel like any of the ideas I have are either already taken or not worth posting. I know it is something I can only really figure out by myself, but does anyone have any tips, ideas, etc. that could help me produce quality posts and credibility on the site? Thank you!
  7. Wait, so if I preordered the game today or tomorrow, would I still get Nuketown 2025? On the Gamestop Black Ops II site, the 2nd wave isn't expired, I'm confused...
  8. Along the lines of map mechanics, I think climb-over points and more levels would make gameplay more dynamic and interesting. In order to avoid camping on objects out of reach of the zombies, it could be made so the zombies can climb up as well so you can't avoid them completely.
  9. There's also technically 11 places where zombie fighting takes place: Nacht Verruckt Shi No Numa Der Riese Kino Deap Ops Ascension COTD Shangri-La Area 51 Moon It's a bit of a stretch but still holds true
  10. There's also technically 11 places where zombie fighting takes place: Nacht Verruckt Shi No Numa Der Riese Kino Deap Ops Ascension COTD Shangri-La Area 51 Moon It's a bit of a stretch but still holds true
  11. Hi! I'm OverWater17 and I'm new. I am an avid fan of the zombies gameplay, storyline, etc. and was interested in joining a community of similar people. Also, my PSN username is the same as my CoDz username (OverWater17) if you're looking for anyone to play with. Thanks!!

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