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  1. i got all the maps for xbox ,sounded like you would have been a good team member. sorry we got off on the wrong foot take it easy
  2. are you on xbox or ps3 ? i got all the maps on my xbox if you want to do some work on any level im down
  3. thats all u had to say. figured it wasnt as big a deal as your making it to be .back to the topic so have the mountains glitched on you?
  4. did tac make it easier for u ? didnt think i needed a comma here or a period there for you to understand. putting people down make you feel good
  5. sorry jc not every one is as smart as u tac seemed to understand and put in all the grammer 4 u thanks tac
  6. why would the devs at treyarch hint at a secret nearly 2 years after the games release this seems a bit odd and if the big secret is mars who cares why does it make a difference if its on mars or in someones dream who cares as long as treyarch keeps making new zombie maps its a game in the game world u can pretty much do anything including fighting on other worlds .....by the way there is a glitch on the mountains i was split screening online and the mountains were shifting from a high range to a low range as we move along the bridge has this happened to anyone else
  7. definatly zombies first multiplayer then campaign
  8. it has to be able to be done if not how does brock and gary get it top eclipse i learned how to count in kindergarten and im pretty sure brock and gary are only two people and it also sounds as though brock triggered the eclipse by himself in the radio transmissions
  9. i am not playing another map until this is done on solo there must be a way
  10. welcome to the best site in the world where else can you virtually hang out with the coolest cats in town
  11. i am available if anyone needs help doing shangri la ee ive completed it so many times i can sleepwalk through it message me here or on xbox live commander2716 :mrgreen:
  12. brainsssssssss .....thanks all looking foward to it all
  13. how do you give them am i able to give people some
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