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  1. True and if you think about it this way; We have gotten some form of coordinates (which is the "anywhere" in the quote). I believe the next reveal will be a person or a clue to a person so we may get that "anyone". Or it could also be a another hint of zombies. Zombies are anyone and they come from everywhere. maybe a vodka bottle in a dark corner with static and blood on the walls
  2. We can't of course confirm anything until the game is right in front of us and we are playing zombies but there are probable speculations. That's not true. What if they make an other site like gknova6?
  3. If you type the letters into google translate, it detects that its German. Nazi-Zombies anyone?
  4. could this be related to the yesterdays unlock? That went very fast too, maybe the jump between frames is actually missing those frames from yesterday. They could have possibly been error messages.
  5. WZQOH I have no idea how to even start with this. I unscrambled it in every combo possible doesn't mean anything, should we look something up?
  6. you took my idea for the anyone could be a zombie. I would like to claim it. *Copyrights*
  7. If that was it then we would have to crack that code too.
  8. Hi guys I wanted to let you guys know about this because it seems a lot of people are missing this. You can notice if you look really closely. When the letter is being typed you see hidden letters that pop up. The main ones you can see are a Z and a Q. Here is a video that show more hidden letters please check it out and make people aware of this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJVE89On ... ture=g-u-u letters: WZQOH
  9. It has been removed from the website, you can still see it here. http://www.callofduty.com/content/dam/a ... ied_05.gif
  10. If you guys are going to be deleting repeat,s can you please make it easier to access the official thread? It's impossible to get on.
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