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  1. If a staff guy could pin my high round strat thread for gorod krovi I would appreciate it :D Or if it's no good then don't bother

  2. ready for the Xbox take over. Here it comes....

  3. #TBT Zombies updated for today: 


  4. Xbone and PC guys, I can't wait for you to get your hands on this map. If you're still dark at this point... You're in for a treat :D

  5. #TBT Zombies updated for today:



  6. Seeing what @PINNAZ just posted as a status got me thinking... How does everyone feel about a #TBT thread each week? where we pull something out from way back in the archives, for all the newer members who may never have had the chance to see and appreciate them?

    1. PINNAZ


      Sounds good. There have been many incarnations of CoDz. There is a lot of stuff that is no longer on this forum but are still accesible such as the thread I linked. 

    2. shirtlesservice


      @PINNAZ Yeah I think next week I'll start posting old threads and guides that people probably haven't seen in a while, stuff from Eye, Super, Tom... We'll see how it goes

  7. The story with Paris just keeps getting worse :(

  8. When waiting 3 weeks to get home is too long, so you buy the PC version.....

  9. The Admins got the profiles working... Good work guys! :D

    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      Thank's it's temporary and may fail - it is not a permanent solution - it's currently with the main devs of the IPS system.

    2. shirtlesservice


      @Hells Warrrior I'll keep that in mind, still we appreciate it.

  10. It's currently disgusting out in Pennsylvania right now, times like these I wish I could get my ps4 shipped from home instead of mooching the game from my friends.

  11. round 52, 202 on PS4. It sucks that its not even on my account, haven't even gotten the game yet :(

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