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  1. Con-Fucking-Gratulations. You earned Brains today. Just because you made me think about my way to play zombies. I never took so many risks, always taking the safe way, but now that I think of it it always got me in trouble later. Brains. I shall start playing with more risks and I am sooo looking forward to play with you, only if it is only for 30 Minutes . Again, BRAINS. [brains] [brains] [brains]
  2. Well actually no. One good Gut-Shot bullet and they go down so easily :3 But right after round 20 I started dying every beggining of round --' so at the middle of round 22 I died.
  3. Well for all of you that consider the "more drops glitches/exploits/whatever" do this : -Go to Der Riese. (WaW or BO) -When you spawn, go to the trench-gun side of the spawn -There should be 3 grates, go to the last one starting from left -Crouch and look for a note with Illuminati symbols -Put your crosshair,on it and press X/[]/F, you should hear your character groan -Play as you would, repeat every beginning of round -Tell me you're not getting more drops and you're a liar
  4. Just did one on Der Riese, and epically wasted my 3 Quick Revives on round 21, and died on 22. :? Any tips?
  5. Easter Egg on Kino?? Very likely : -When you play, you can hear a zombie-like voice saying "help me..." -Writings on the wall saying "Knowledge itself is for the taking" -Another writing "гцr.*Θ project istion* or something like that. But the "help me..." message is really tilting me. We need EE hunters. Nao.
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