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  1. Good story, crash sucks :/ It makes me want to write some of it myself...
  2. By technical definition, the person would have to earn money from zombies which would kind of make a youtuber with lots of subs getting lots of views from zombies a "pro". However, if you are referring to a person being very capable at the game to the point where he or she would be good at every map(able to obtain round 30 on every map with ease, even Nacht) without hacking, be able to support 1 or 2 teammates who are decent, and know the chances for box, yeah, that's what I would think would be a pro.
  3. My worst habit is walking backwards while shooting while training. It pretty much ruined a game of kino I was playing with General Doggy-five downs from walking into that stupid curtain on the stage 9.9.
  4. That actually makes sense. Sending seperate rescue teams for the captive would be a good plan, lol.
  5. If I remember correctly, it was theorized that Dempsey and a group of marines came by Nacht on the way to Verruckt.
  6. Richtofen is orange, nikolai is blue, takeo is green... well, Richtofen can be orange at least. I know for a fact I've had the rod just playing regular split screen before. I was wondering what it was and then I realized it after watching a video.
  7. Haha, well, I've only made it to round 26 before, so I'm just going to be in ZombieX for now Thanks for the invite and the brain(brains? Brainz? *shrugs*).
  8. Hello. I'm ContriteBore554, if you hadn't already read my user. I love to play zombies, but often find it hard to find players who can work with me to get to high rounds on random matchup. I own Xbox, PS3, and Wii, but I only own Black Ops for the Xbox. I have the Rezurrection Map Pack, none others, although I hope to eventually get whichever map pack has Call of the Dead in it. I decided to use my Gamertag as my user here, mostly because of how it rhymes. It was decided randomly when I signed up for Xbox Live Gold. I'm 14, which is considered very young for CoD, I know. I'm pretty bad at regular Multiplayer too. However, as I said, I love to play zombies. I've had the most experience playing Der Riese, some Moon, and some Kino. I look forward to playing with some of you!
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