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  1. After you get M & S, you have to horde them up as best you can and shoot only ONE bullet if you shoot the ground near you OR shoot two when they are far enough away that you won't take damage. I think between getting M & S and getting jug is the hardest part for me, too. Just takes practice. I usually run around then try to shoot them when they're in the lake. P.S. Your haiku or whatever in your signature line is buggin' me out right now.
  2. Congrats all you crazy Zombie Slayers! TGIF!!!! Add me. I'm playing this weekend. This is my PSN^
  3. This ^ and what about those dogs that jump all the way across the lake to land RIGHT in front of you and get you killed? Man what a pain. I just had two of the best starts ever (didn't have to knife any zombies after my second nade and all my ammo was gone) then I died...
  4. Oh man that is so annoying (the non-directional sound in the classic maps) I've had a monkey in Ascension get trapped under the stairs between where Mule Kick is now and Speed Cola. Took us a while to find him. Gave us a nice little break. The first time we did the EE on Moon, we got to 29 and had left a crawler before teleporting to Earth and when we came back we could not find the zombie ANYWHERE - plus the round number had disappeared from the bottom left corner. After some time, we all dolphin dove off the cliff at spawn. It was pretty lame. That was on XBOX (I only play on my XBOX when the maps first come out until they're out on PS3).
  5. Funny, cause I just started doing the same kinda thing. Once I get Jug and kill the first horde that is chasing me, I pause and relax my hands to start again for the next wave. I just tried the back swamp area and got about 175 with 27 bullets left before a couple dogs trapped me cuz they were too busy taking a piss or something to stay with the group. Hey what console did you get this on cuz I didn't see your name at 261 when I looked for it or do you use a different SN? I'm on PSN.
  6. Congrats, MMN! Man, I wanna get higher than my 210 now. I died so stupidly. Everything was going well. I had gotten M&S and Jug then was running the figure 8 at the teleporter and there was ONE crawler and I shot at him and killed myself. I hadn't even exhausted all my M&S ammo yet. I wanna be able to use it all up then go to Moon and get a high Solo score to go along with a record (for me) No Man's Land score. Keep trying! Gonna be at it again tonight! Oh, and I completely agree with you about NML helping my overall Zombie playing ability big time. EDIT: YEAH! I just got 231 kills AND I managed to teleport to the Moon after I used up my M&S. I should be top on my friends list now and I'm still playing to try to get a good Solo score! Whooooooooooooooot! P. S. - I'm on round 5 with M&S, Commando, Galil, Jug, Revive, Flopper, Mule and 17300 points!
  7. I thought you just made a mistake and meant to say the M72 anarchy, which is tight.
  8. This is an awesome guide! Nice job putting it all in such an organized fashion. I used to post on other forums and no one was as picky as me like this! Haha. Some great tips there I didn't know about. It really comes down to technique and discipline to make things work. Man, I hate playing with randoms. I wanna make some high-round attempts soon with 2 players on all the maps. I usually play with 4, but it takes too long and too much room for error. [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains]
  9. This is my favorite thread. Thanks for some extra tips, guys. [brains] x5 One thing I haven't seen mentioned yet that I thought I'd throw out there is to try to slice and NOT stab the zombies, especially before the first siren. Stabbing takes just a little bit longer and leaves you open to get hit more easily. If you push forward then back on the left analog while you knife, you should slice most of the time. No Man's land is my favorite part of Zombies right now, but it's frustrating as hell. lol
  10. Try to play a game where you are the host. If you have done both EE in the previous maps, whoever you are playing with who becomes Richtofen should have the rod. You don't see the Focusing Stone on your inventory in Moon. Oh, and after re-reading your post, you most likely have to have done the EEs in co-op online for them to count towards the Moon one.
  11. Yeah, same thing happened to me in a game on like round 24 or so. I had to just use Tunnel 11. It still let me get the Ground Control trophy that game, though.
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