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  1. You are correct, all of them are what I was looking for. and the phasers and nova 6 counnt too Here's your brains [brains]
  2. I am the real Richtofen. the other one is that evil little girl
  3. Well that's dumb. But I did do all 4 once in one match actually, (along with getting them in seperate games) and still didn't get the achievment Another question, can I make a Zombie explode using the regular V-R11. or do I have to pack a punch it?
  4. I have to do them all in the same match? ohh. Ive done three of them everytime I tried. I thought it carried over between matches.
  5. Hey, Ive used the Shrink Ray on all four zombies in Shangri-La (Napalm, Reg, Shrieker and Monkey) however the game hasen't given me the achievment yet (and I remember seeing a flaming Napalm baby, a shirker baby, and a monkey dissapering when I shot it with the Shrink Ray) What gives?
  6. No it wasen't. Alest I don't think so. I checked all the windows when I went inside. none were broken. and I didn't hear Dempsey make any complaints about breath, or my controller vibrate. or anything like that. I just collapsed and died during the middle of the hack.
  7. Im working on the Ground Control Achievment on solo, I have two of them done (Tunnell 11, Biodome) Round 19, Tunnell 6 calls, I have a Pack a Punched HK21 and a MP5K btw. I kill zombies, and leave a crawler to go to hack the excavator. The crawler I left is in the biodome. very slow. I go to the hacker, and half way through hacking the excavator, I just drop dead. and there was no crawler in the room btw. I lost getting that damn pain in the ass achievment, urg.
  8. Superhands is correct, the answer is 9 "doors" The two in the beginging (2) the door to the Thompson Room (3) The Debries in the Thompson Room (4) The Door to the Trench Gun Building (5) The Debries in the Trench Gun Building (6) The Three Doors to the Teleporter Rooms (9) And I only played the map for the first time when Rezurrection came out ya know.
  9. Okay, here's my question. How many doors are there to open on Der Reise (Including debries)
  10. I enjoy the regular maps alot more then DOA. however, when im not in the mood for them, or just overall bored, ill play DOA, I usally go 12-17 Rounds whenever I play it.
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