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  1. -sniffle- ;_; we're not important enough. lmao
  2. yeah.. I'm going to have to agree with Triix on this.. I rarely see modded lobbies.. I have yet to see a challenge or speed hacked lobby like the ONE i saw months ago.. I haven't seen anything but spam(which they have got'n rid of lately) and the team names color's changed lately.
  3. Alright - I'm going to go over all of these and justify some of them. 1) Campers - There is a perfect level of game play required with a mix of camping and movement.. without either you will die either instantaneously or get no kills what so ever. 2)Over Powered Guns - Come on, really? ALL of the guns kill in exactly 2-4hits(2 for head, 3 for direct body, 4 for skimmed shots and no stopping power/fmj or even through a wall) and I'm fairly certain this is EXTREMELY realistic... Just putting that out there. 3) Noob Tubers - Realistic for people to tube, but unrealistic to spawn kill and st
  4. thank you.. btw do any of you play ps3?
  5. It will at the rate I see this site growing.. Trust me, one admin isn't really the best idea lol.. He can't cover everything.
  6. Not going to flame, but explain this please. BO was WAY more balanced than MW2, IMO, that isn't the actual reason why I like it, though. I will give you that, it is better balanced but I'm going to be honest on 4 things here - 1.The servers for BO fail extremely bad and are nothing compared to IW's engine.. 2.The kill-streaks are low and not hard to get(plus an RCXD for an automatic 1-3 kill at just a 2killstreak? Gtfo TA).. 3.The guns are completely failures, there are maybe 4 or 5 main guns that EVERYONE uses... 4.Dude don't EVEN get me started on how they TRASHED snipers..
  7. Lol alright.. thank you.
  8. I know that, I'm just saying that TA's multiplayer for BO is beyond failure compared to IW's. Zombies does top anything though, I'll give it that for damn sure. So I doubt anyone will flame lol. If anyone says IW's multiplayer is bad, I'll agree, but they needa realize it's the best there is even though it's horrible lol..
  9. This could just be me but I can tell you for a fact a LOT of more people hate TA more than IW.. IW > TA any day of the week bro.. TA has zombies and good story lines for campaign but that's all they have.. IW has the multiplayer, campaign, revolutionizing installments. So TA can gtfo.. Not to mention IW is soon to take over the Zombie/Survival franchise for the most part with the new Survival Mode coming out in Mw3..
  10. Thank you.. and will do..
  11. Hello, I'm just another gamer like everyone else. Been playing mainly FPS and driving games since I was young.. Started out playing the classic Nintendo64 with racing games, went to PS after that playing more real driving games instead of stuff like donkey kong.. Then I found stuff like Driver 3 with guns so I got interested.. Then I started finding games on the internet with FPS like my very first big multiplayer FPS games such as Soldier Front and Pawn Game.. I played a little bit of ps3 and xbox eventually at friends.. I enjoyed XboX for fun but ps3 for more serious gaming.. I eventually bo
  12. My name is second from the top, you can barely make it out but it's still proof. Level 37.
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