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  1. Hey guys, so obviously everyone is pretty excited for Moon, including myself. But since there isn't a lot of information on it yet, everyone is throwing their theories out there. So, in an effort to make a name for myself, I thought I would join them. Gravity- When asked about Moon, a lot of people think the same question, "How will the lack of gravity affect my gameplay?". First of all, were most likely going to be in spacesuits, how else would we be able to breathe? So my theory is, maybe the original builders of the Moon base attached a magnetic plating to the surface outside of the base that activates when you turn on the power. That way, when you step outside, your spaceboots attach to the plating, allowing you to walk around as you normally would. Easter Egg- I've noticed a trend among the Easter Eggs. With every map that comes out, the Easter Egg becomes larger, more complicated, and more rewarding. My theory is, in this map, the Easter Egg is going to be an ending. Treyarch has said that this map is "the climax to the Zombies saga", but I dont think that means there is going to be a boss. I think there is going to be a GIANT Easter Egg that ends with our players destroying the zombie horde once and for all. Easter Egg #2- My second theory for the Easter Egg is this. So far, every Easter Egg has been freeing somone. In Ascension, it was the man trapped with Samantha advancing towards him, in COTD it was the original characters, and in Shangri-La it was a doctor/scientist. What if in Moon, your trying to free Samantha? Not the real Samantha, since we've heard from the tapes she was killed by Dr. Richtofen along with her father, but we somehow free her spirit? I think the zombies attack our characters because Sam is trying to get revenge on Richtofen. Maybe if we free her soul, the zombies will stop? (Thank you to TheHeckz for pointing out this particular trend in the Easter Eggs) Those are all the theories I have for now, but if I think of anymore I'll be sure to post them:D
  2. This happened to me and my friends while doing this also. We realized that if you do the song easter egg, the giant easter egg wont work. Try doing the big easter egg without getting any of the moonrocks that activate the song. I hope this helps!:D
  3. I see what your talkin about, bro! The jacket is what did it for me, good job:D
  4. Hi guys, I've never been a part of a forum before, so don't expect anything to spectacular. I gues I'm just gonna post whatever is on my mind. By the way, my real name is Christian, and I play on PSN.
  5. Maybe the last picture could be the new bomb thing? Like how Kino Der Toten had monkey bombs and Ascension had the Gersch devices. Maybe the last picture is that maps version of those.
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