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  1. So I was a-thinking 'bout zombies right? Shocker.. but i was figuring to myself, " They've made an icy,or tundra map, they've made an industrial based map, and they've made a jungle map. So why not bring in , as some nerds say, ' All the elements of the EARTH!' :ugeek: and make a desert map ".. What do you guys think?? I know I haven't really thought of things that would go in the map (sandstorm? TROLOL ) and I know some people will be all, " OMG Y U NO FOLLO THE ZOMBIEZ STORYLINE!? " but I'm just putting this out there... :)
  2. I really think that what it takes to be a "pro" is someone that is able to revive their teammates while they got a Death Machine going , or someone who doesn't ask me mid-game why my name is Duckman :facepalm:
  3. But I don't want this in Black Ops 2... I want zombies to just be like it always is... If I wanted all of this stuff, I would just buy games like Dead Rising 2 or Red Dead:Undead Nightmare. :|
  4. I'd call it Salvation... Redeemer when PaP, like in UT, and it would just end the round with a huge nuke, and it would only have 1 round for ammo ( 2 when PaP). Then it would go back in the box until someone else gets it... ;)
  5. My habit is not wanting to waste my WW ammo, or monkeys, or money... :? :(
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