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  1. when i looked at the poster the zombified version of the guy holding dual m1911s kinda looks like richtofen as said in a different post and if you look at the reflection of the helmet in the moon poster you will see a zombie that looks quite dempsey could this mean the crew is going to be no more i hope not but the clues are saying otherwise :o
  2. oh thanks for lowering my self esteem its already low as is
  3. the rezurecction map pack four has finally been announced a new map called moon cant wait but i also cant wait for the classic maps now what was once thought awww they are never gonna release it awww stop being cheap and buy the hardened edition the only let down is no multiplayer maps or is it? lets wait till more information gets released
  4. nah i think its just a astronaut/cosmonaut zombie but i hope they bring the silverback
  5. everytime I try to put CodZ as a clan tag it says you are not authorized to use this clan tag can anyone mods or carbonfibah please explain why it doest this?
  6. i thought you were talking about the monkey bombs lol but i guess not even semtex can stop the monkeys
  7. DANG i just finished my last cookie when you said that lol!
  8. hmmm strange must've been a bug that treyarc forgot to fix.
  9. I just started a new account here i am hoping to uncover all the mysteries of call of duty zombies if you want to play a good zombie game just send me a friend invite on my xbl gamertag: StillAlive115 hope to meet new people :D
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