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  1. gt:crzytrn9 i like to help with the easter egg found 4 radios
  2. that what i was thinking aboat to and if you look above it some point in the video it looks like it selects random maps to teleport to like area 51 where the pap is
  3. i think that slide was for those metors to go into the water slide to wash off dirt when there were people their collecting them
  4. they put that apple in there for reason and thats a hint for zombies being in area 51 - easter egg will be to get the apple of eden
  5. hangar 18 might be next zombie map maybe the gang go there for that apple of eden
  6. plz invite ill try to help [gt crzytrn9]
  7. near the power there is a hole in the wall with one brown brick and on the other side where the window is there is another brown brick just a guest
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