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  1. Well by the logic of trying to keep the same when we can, couldn't we just say she was machine in both? I mean, Maxis of all people might be interested in a machine? It's not like he ever tried to act physically on such emotions. (I don't think this personally. I'm just kinda pointing out the oppositional way of thinking) Then there's things like all the new wonder weapons and technology and dragons and experiments and DG-4 and soooooo much stuff in the new timeline. Do we apply it to the old? For example, in the original timeline, we never heard of Zetsubou No Shima ever existing.
  2. Hm... So that seems to support a sort of hybrid divergent timeline / parallel multiverse idea. It also explains how the million universes are referred as a single universe sometimes, because they used to be singular. Now personally, I'd argue that 2 divergent timelines, where n is the point of divergence, and n is an indefinite time in the past, is equal to 2 parallel universes as n approaches negative infinity. But since it is not 100% one or the other. I guess the only real way you can summarize, fully, what theory of a multiverse this story entails would be the Fract
  3. @Tac Ah sorry, I didn't see the "just". I apologize. But it does raise a question. If we are given new information, what does or does not apply to the old timeline? Like the new character in Gorod Krovi I mentioned. Was she that way in both timelines or just this new one? I don't think we can know for sure. @Cotun50 I understand how you feel. But I personally don't take any stock in what a developer says. If the say they want something in the story, then put pen to paper and make it happen. Don't just talk about it.
  4. I hadn't really considered it until you mentioned it, but I never really saw it that way with the characters. That way being, WWII versions of them were much like the WWI versions of them except that they lived on into WWII. So, WWI = the four Heroes. WWI + WWII = the four test Subjects. But that's not really how I see it. The WWII versions of them, the test subjects, from the original timeline and this one, have never, not even once, mentioned anything to do with World War I. Nikolai couldn't stoop so low since World War I, because he was never part of World War I, not significant
  5. Thank you. I saw that. Honestly I'm kinda holding off on updating with Gorod Krovi stuff. If you check the doc, I had a whole big theory about the House and the Shadowman, and well, it turned out to be Monty. I'm gonna have to have some heavy editing there, but I figure I'll wait for the next DLC. But as for that particular cipher, it is interesting. It suggests that the Apothicon creatures were once not so alien. But in the Aether they became horrendous. But we do know that the Apothicon creatures assimilate realms, like in Shadows of Evil, so I do still think they have their own
  6. Anonymous and I discussed this a page or two ago. The Summoning Key fits into the same slot designed for the Egg. However, the Key has Apothicon symbols on it. So we came to believe that the Summoning Key is a corrupted Egg, and for each MPD there is an Egg. So in the original universe, the Shadows of Evil universe, and the new universe, there are now three Eggs. Or rather, two. Because the Shadows of Evil one became corrupted into the Summoning Key, making it the most powerful artifact.
  7. Ohhh okay. Just watched it. I watched MrDalekJD's guide and he totally skipped that step! I had no idea. Okay, well the solution is simple. The concavity was charged, you place the Key in, and you grab it fully charged. The missing Key from this new realm probably was lost when the Reporter died in the cipher. Thanks for the correction.
  8. I don't think Richtofen being in the house the whole time is metaphorical. Remember Eddy and Samantha? There's one version of each character that lives but the rest must die. What if Richtofen is not the RIGHT Richtofen? But rather it is Eddy? And Richtofen will sacrifice himself by the time we are done. Also, the reference to Richtofen's journeys in other dimensions really makes me think that there a dozens of versions of our main characters, like the ones who died on the Moon. I think this will be the plot of the comic (although long after that, perhaps after Buried a
  9. Well, yes, according to the bios, cutting the tails off of kittens with your sword is considered honorable. All the stuff with Takeo added to his personality, but it didn't necessarily contradict the bio. Same with Richtofen. The bios gave us more info about their backstory than 10 levels of quotes. Also, the bios were written with the intention that they were intel gathered by Marines. That's how the bios were presented on Treyarch's website back in the day.
  10. I've looked at a few videos, and once the MPD appears, it already has the Key inside it. They you fight the Keeper and when you get back, you pick up the Key, but no one ever actually put it in. Seemed to be an oversight. Am I wrong?
  11. Things are simply being added and not changed? Original timeline: Richtofen lived to rule the zombies New timeline: Richtofen was headshotted Original timeline: Giant robots were never used in the war New timeline: Germany had giant robots that waged in the war Original timeline: Russia never used giant robots or fought dragons New timeline: Russia reverse engineered the robot and fought dragons Original timeline: Der Riese occurred weeks after the accident with Maxis New timeline: The Giant occurred immediately following the
  12. So, prior to the release of Gorod Krovi, A Zombie Trilogy has been fully updated. I was planning on updating it further upon the release of this DLC, but it left so many holes and questions for the purposes of teasing the next DLC, I'm just going to wait. Not to mention the complication of that comic series they're making. They said it is going to fill the gaps of the holes in the story, but that is a SEVERE understatement. The next DLC and that comic will probably have information regarding the very nature of the Zombies multiverse, and that affects a lot of things. But anyhow, ev
  13. I don't know if that is true for certain. I mean, we have intel and biographies, not just Nikolai's word, about his wives. Are we just to assume that it was all wrong? All lies? I trust the intel and biographies far more than the drunkard's word. Personally I interpreted it to simply mean that the reason he had so many wives was to make up for the loss of his first one, the only one he really cared about.
  14. That doesn't really matter though because this is some form of alternate timeline or universe, for the same reason that Stalingrad wasn't invaded by zombies, robots, and dragons in the original timeline. This new timeline seems to have a much worse version of World War II. (Fun fact, Nikolai says they've fought in World War III in one quote.) So Peter having an arm in this timeline just means he didn't lose it this time. However, you can use this logic with literally almost anything you can pull from the game. For example, Sophia being a robot. Is that unique to this timeline? Or n
  15. I'm excited about filling gaps in the story, but the date worries me. October 19th for just the first issue? This throw my whole story line videos timeline into chaos. I was hoping to have the series done by the end of the year, shortly after the next Call of Duty game comes out. Now unfortunately I'll have to wait until this comic is done, because of course I need to know what info the comic has. Anyone here comic fans? How long is it between issues, usually? Are they going to release an issue a week? Two weeks? A month? Two months? Also, is there anything known as to whether it'd
  16. Oh okay. Well to answer your question if I ever thought I was wrong about the name, now would be the time. I apologize. You ever hear of historical revisionism? Richtofen said McKay in the audio but so many people wrote it as McCain that now even Treyarch has adopted it. Kinda like the whole Peter being the hanging man in Shi No Numa. Peter is kinda like the community fan fiction character by this point. Anyway, I retract my statement, for it is now retroactively incorrect. Sorry about that. Thanks for answering how everyone seemed to know it was Peter. Is anyone concerned with why a man who i
  17. Could you show me where the name is spelled out?
  18. Trying to define the differences between realms, dimensions, timelines, and universes is a pointless task in my opinion. The characters, developers, even the dictionaries are going to both conflict and overlap. I think we should just accept that there is no point worrying over it. Treyarch doesn't take the story seriously enough for definitions, so why should we...
  19. https://clyp.it/zohbaf04 I've always despised the Zombies section on the Call of Duty Wiki. It's Dr. Peter McKay. Not McCain. NOT MCCAIN. I'm sorry but I keep seeing that everywhere and it is so frustrating. The only time his last name was ever mentioned was in Call of the Dead Radio 4. I've attached a clip of it. Richtofen clearly said McKay with no NNNN sound. Also, why does everyone assume this random Marine guy falling from the sky wearing a parachute is Peter? I'm also annoyed to no end that they overlayed the intro with some awful rock musi
  20. It's been a while, my memory is a bit fuzzy. But there's a chalkboard with dates on it in the war room, and the dates on that board can be used to pinpoint a range of dates for when the level must be. I believe it narrows down to late October and November, before Kennedy's assassination. I once compiled weather data for Washington D.C. for wind speeds and precipitation, for Kennedy states in the intro of their meeting that there's a storm outside (loud enough to shatter glass). In the range, there was severe weather one notable time. A storm that began on November 6, raged on November 7, and e
  21. This is a recurring theme in Treyarch. The Zombies guys want to branch out and make Zombies into a campaign, a world, a quest, something bigger, better. But then the executives crush them with impossibly small resources and short deadlines. I agree that Nightmares is somewhat amateur in its creation. But consider this. The campaign alone cost millions of dollars. Story writing, storyboarding, sketching, voiceover, modeling, texturing, effects, advanced character rigs, emoting faces, lights, guns, cinematics, gameplay, mechanics, UI. Millions! Hundreds of millions even!
  22. I said influence, not power or control. In Origins, all the Templar zombies have blue eyes. All the German zombies (the ones AFTER Samantha made contact) have yellow eyes. And Maxis is the one who teleports everyone around in the new levels, and he even does the Fly Trap thing. That's it.
  23. (Delayed response due to life issues) @NaBrZHunter I don't think Mob of the Dead or Shadows of Evil are in the Aether. Here's a diagram of the way I see it: I agree that the Aether doesn't have physicality, but I'd also say the satanic Ancient Evil entity doesn't as well. I'd say it resides in there, and it exerts its influence on the realm that Mob of the Dead is from. And even if you don't want to call it Purgatory, it pulls Alcatraz into its own Purgatory-like-or-whatever-you-want-to-call-it type of mini-realm. Meanwhile, Shadows of Evil is an overlap, with the
  24. Hey AetherialVoices. I've actually been keeping tabs on this myself. I only had three logos (your #2 I chalk up to an early misprint) But I can support your findings. From the way I understand it, each Group 935 logo is indicative of a separate universe. The first one is seen throughout the majority of the story prior to Black Ops III. The second one is seen in the Origins universe. The third one is seen in the new rebooted universe. I think it is a nice touch for us to understand where and when we are.* Of course, the real reason is due to changes in the real worl
  25. Well to be honest, I don't really have much of a stake in this issue. (It's not like in the script of my story I ever even try to argue that they are the same.) But I'll explain my reasoning. The original and MotD realms are two different realms, yes. But the Aether exists (or rather, nonexists haha) across all realms, or between them. So if it exists in the Aether, it doesn't matter what realm it is. Part of the idea is due to the history of zombies. @AlphaSnake, ever since Nazi Zombies first began, spoke of the satanic influences in zombies. He's had huge threads abou
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