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Everything posted by Zelkova

  1. Honestly I still like our community here how its been and think its always been very welcoming and nice to other people.
  2. Not all the helmets and you also don't have the correct methods for all for them (Shadow Mans hat is not obtained in the way you stated its actually much different and you can be hit).
  3. Shadowman is also the one who started this apocalypse. I believe in all honesty based on what we know right now is this is a case of a Lesser of two evils scenario. That being said Monty also said that the Shadowman was once a really nice guy and his friend before the Apothicans got to him and screwed him up. Now he is their messenger and Harbinger of Destruction.
  4. I would like to say that its abundantly clear that where ever 115 is located is a place that the Apothicons can reach. It appears that its considered their link to that dimension. That would also be why they are sending it to other dimensions. If it exists there then they can have substantial influence in that dimension as a product from their own dimension would now exist in that other plane of existence.
  5. They may make an extra DLC featuring zombie map remakes but I doubt we will get a zombies only dlc as the next one as they've already done hinting at some mp stuff for the next dlc.
  6. Staffs yes I can see that but I will bet you my account that you will not see EVERY perk in that map. Its not possible and has never happened before. Some of those perks don't have a reason to be around as their made essentially null by certain gumballs.
  7. I think your hoping for to much there. Also a map only ever has 9 perks on it and there are more than 9 perks.
  8. I understand that but I think its just us expecting him to troll us or something. So really we are setting ourselves for that too.
  9. Blundell told Milo in his interview to give Richtofen a chance when Milo called him evil and told him that he is trying to redeem himself for all that he has done. I'm willing to give him the chance. Seems like Monty is the one to beware of honestly based on whats going on and that Monty might be afraid of the fact that he can't monitor Richtofen so he doesn't like him. He only needed him to execute his own plan so far while Richtofen is trying to set things completely right.
  10. Tired of hearing about Egypt just like Tac and tired of people begging for it so much. We got a Atlantis like place in freaking AW I don't need it in this zombies. Catering to fans map idea's is not always good honestly.
  11. Zelkova

    All Ciphers

    My grandfather was a analyst for the U.S. during WW2. Sadly he passed away last year and he was the one I used to have me help decrypt these things. If someone has a relative who had the same job then we could probably get these answered faster as they usually didn't have a key to decrypt things like this in those days.
  12. Zelkova

    All Ciphers

    I have a feeling we have a lot more to go because in this map it also references about Edward being a new boy for Samantha to play with (he also doesn't like sharing the toys). This would imply the Edward of the current timeline is a child too. I thought they teleported from the Origins dimension. Also why was Samantha here at this castle? Why was the child Edward here? This isn't the same location as the Origin ending cutscene either.
  13. Zelkova

    All Ciphers

    You know guys in the one cipher they said that they have done the autopsy of the Mexican. But then they mention that they are now ready to get the FOUR test subjects..... Where is the fourth?
  14. Anyone else feel like all we are doing is really just freeing the Shadow Man from like a curse or something?
  15. Thanks I screenshot it on my ps4 but that was it. Late at night for me so I didn't want to attempt to decode it either.
  16. I found what looks like binary code in the rift area. Anyone able to decode it?
  17. Sorry while I love Jimmy, Kojima still is the best internet troll out there I think.
  18. Plenty of companies do similar things it doesn't mean their lazy though.
  19. I would be honored, thank you for the recognition. Regards Alpha. You might wanna fix on your profile the site you have listed in there as the site is also being sold. I meant to tell this to you a while back but I kept forgetting
  20. To the people who are arguing about the decades thing. Back in May to June everyone in this thread (me, Tac, MMX, ect.) were going back and forth in regards to when the map took place. All of the stuff your saying and are bringing up have already been before and we already went through all of this. We took the time to consider it and it wasn't us just saying that "Oh Maxis said several decades thus it must be this time", no we actually discussed whether we should even accept his quote as being truthful or not. This conversation does not need to be going on as it has already been thoroughly discussed. So please drop it.
  21. Yeah I was a bit shocked to hear it myself during my game. Sadly it wasn't a dialogue cue or anything when I heard it so that means it is a random dialogue she will say I guess. I was also playing as Dempsey when she said it.
  22. Hey I just got a quote from Samantha saying, "Do you know how long you have been here, how many times you have been doing this now."
  23. After: P05.Element 115 was incredibly rare in our universe. None of it could be found naturally on Earth. Only by extra-planetary or extra-dimensional means could Element 115 be obtained. On June 30th, 1908, a large meteor containing Element 115 exploded shortly before impact upon the Siberian expanse within the Russian Empire. (Yeah, a lot of stuff is now unnecessary and will be explained later on in the story, not this soon.) EDIT: Another one: After: P08.In the 1910's, there was a kid named Billy Handsome who lived with his parents in the lower east side of New York City, New York, United States. His dad worked hard to pay for expenses, but his mom secretly turned to prostitution to help pay the bills. Billy found out, but he never told anyone. One day, the risky job ended up getting her killed. In the early 1920's, Salvatore "Sal" DeLuca was the boss of a mob in Chicago, Illinois, United States. He bribed the mayor and city officials. He built an empire based on gambling, alcohol, and prostitution. He was ruthless, even going as far as killing his own girlfriend, believing she deserved it. His mob faced what he called the Turf Wars in 1922 with rival gangs. In the late 1920's to early 1930's, Alcatraz Prison, Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, California, United States, was operational. Alcatraz held the worst behaved prisoners in the country. The Warden imported some Element 115 from an unknown source. Then the Ancient Evil took it upon himself to meddle in Alcatraz. Upon discovering the Ancient Evil, the Warden of Alcatraz began to worship him and practice many satanic rituals. The Warden used the imported 115 to be used to manufacture a beverage. It was a Perk-A-Cola, and the beverage was named Electric Cherry. The 115 displaced other Perks-A-Cola that would be made at a later time and brought them into Alcatraz. P09.Around this time, Sal's mob allied with another known as Chicago's Finest. Billy Handsome, now a grown man, moved to Chicago to try to make a successful living. He kept in touch with his parents, primarily his dad. He struggled to find a living in the city until he became successful as a hitman for Sal's mob. He wrote letters to his parents, but he left out that his success was due to being a hitman. Albert "The Weasel" Arlington lived in the "Dust Bowl Circus" for a few months before moving to Chicago as a con man, then becoming known by Sal's mob, and he then made many shady deals as a way to make a living. He was also an aspiring comic book artist on the side. Michael "Finn" O'Leary illicitly gambled and was very clever. He fell in love with a chorus girl he found in Boston, Massachusetts, named Angelina "Angela" Bow and married her. Finn and Angelina became wealthy through Finn's clever gambling exploits and moved to Chicago. Tension between Sal's mob and Chicago's Finest began to build when they hit hard times, and a violent incident occurred on February 29, 1929. Sal's mob began to suffer, and no one came to Sal's aid. P10.Albert went to the hospital because of some injuries he got. While in the hospital, he had more time to devote to his comic books. He made one called Icarus from Mars, and he sent it to the Editor in high hopes. The Editor vehemently rejected the proposed comic book, which hurt Albert greatly. So, Albert returned to his cons when he healed. Finn gained fame when he was able to score a con on the great con-artist, the Weasel. Angelina became a famous actress, but hard times fell upon Finn and her that made it difficult to pay expenses. Tension built between them. Angelina decided that they should leave Chicago, but Finn refused. She then decided to divorce him and leave Chicago without him. Finn refused to let her go, so she told the police about his crimes, breaking his trust and his heart. P11.Finn was locked up in prison. Sal ended up getting caught by the authorities as well, and so did Billy and Albert. They all ended up in Alcatraz. While they were locked up, Sal's mob deteriorated into chaos. Because of the 115, Alcatraz began to accumulate zombies. The Warden locked them up away from the prisoners and warned them not to get too near the zombies. Meanwhile, most of the prisoners suffered various fates of torture, death, and ritual sacrifices throughout Alcatraz unless they behaved. The Warden also collected Civil War weaponry, and he made a heavily modified creation from such weaponry that even came with a Acid Gat Kit that would infuse acid with 115 into it. In March 1933, the Nazi Party gained control of Germany, turning the Weimar Republic into the Greater German Reich, or Nazi Germany. P12.Sal, Billy, Finn, and Albert decided they were going to get out of Alcatraz. Knowing what happened to anyone that misbehaved, they showed their very best behavior, making the staff of Alcatraz grow fond of them. Sal chatted with the guards about their personal lives. Finn looked in the newspapers and put his knowledge of the city and people to use by advising the guards where gambling their money would be profitable. Albert was usually well-mannered, except for the occasional fake doctor visit. Billy, not being able to prevent himself from saying violent remarks, agreed with the staff he would not speak unless asked to do so. One time they asked him to explain the history of his inmates, so he told them how they got there. (Very minor edits on this one. Just changed the Ancient Evil thing and the 115 time displacement.) You know that's not true in my case. I agree a lot with your theories. :)
  24. There is far to much evidence that proves most of what you have said to be incorrect. Also moon was not open ended. When we first finished moon we saw the earth being hit by nukes everyone believed that was pretty much it (of course you have those who are hoping and pulling on strings). It wasn't until BO2 was announced we knew for a fact the zombie story had more I mean at the time we were at the conclusion that the earth had been nuked in 3 area's and we were all on the moon. Don't just assume that even this maps ending can mean the end of zombies. We have been wrong once we can be wrong again with game endings.
  25. T_T had no idea this was a make believe story still haven't watched anything and wanted to experience the ending for myself. So I don't know anything about the ending.

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