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  1. Dat dat double tap because it kills faster and therefore you can go into semi high rounds with out pack a punching and still be an effective team member.
  2. i'm not going to be but I know that the NGT Zombies channel on youtube will be livestreaming. I'm not sure at what time tho. They have a couple of announcements so you should check it out :D
  3. really? i thought it looked like they stacked two m14's on top of each other and put that gold bar in the middle lol
  4. what if woods just had a bunch of juggernog and phd flopper laying around. surely he could survive the grenades =P
  5. uh.... can someone tell me why a lot of those guns are re-skinned from mw2? like really.... -_-
  6. Ok this is pretty late but i have an idea! What if on the center of the shirt, we had a picture of all of the perks; but then just above them there would be a slogan like "Because they're everywhere." and on the back have the CODZ logo it's simple but I think it could work.
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