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  1. I realize that, I am having a hard time with the site.
  2. MkNk0yzSTFA Not my video and I found this on another website. What do you think?
  3. Solo like 6 or 8? And online with random 10...I need people who know what they are doing and have mics. :p
  4. Thanks I will. And nice haha. :p
  5. Me and my friend would have all the doors open, and we would buy Jugg, Bowie, and other stuff we needed, then we would link the teleporters, and get up there at the start of each round and throw grenades down and keep buying them and pack-a-punch whenever, then just run around the map making crawlers and killing them and repeat that. :p
  6. I would like to see customization to the clothes, accessories like tattoos, wristbands, gloves etc.
  7. Will do, and nice, A7X. ;)
  8. Hello, names Matt. 18 years old live in Maine. I am currently waiting to leave for Basic Military Training for the U.S. Air Force. I leave September 6th. Not much else to say really, but hi!
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