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  1. so the dials are for sure a part of this fourth step. maybe try the radios then the dials. or some combination of the two. the only reason i'm convinced of the dials is because of the map. and the pieces of the map with numbers on them that we have found...
  2. that is the correct way for solo. i thought we were trying to figure out co-op.
  3. so i just found this video of someone with the dials in order and nothing happened maybe the map has more to do with it?
  4. okay so i understand where all the radios are and that you have to do something with them. but i dont see anywhere in your post that says exactly what to do with the radio's. you said we need stamin up but you never said what for. do i just press x on the radios in the v r i l order you mentioned? sorry if this is a dumb question.. edit: i just did some more looking around about this next step and next gen tactics just posted a you tube video about the dials in the light house being the next step... i'm actually about to start a thread about this.
  5. the morse code really says right full?? this could totally have something to do with the levers on the top of the boat. from what i understand the right lever should be pulled all the way.. that may be what the right full means. keep us updated as you translate more. redbull
  6. this green beam is actually coming for a submarine off the coast that is coming up for the old characters that are locked in the bottom of the light house. the step you have found is actually part of step four and is ironically the step that i am stuck on. this is a quick overview of the first three steps. step 1 - turn on power, go to the bottom of the light house and listen to the doctor. go up one level and get the fuse off the table and put it in the control panel. step 2 - listen again and then find all the generators with red lights on them (four throughout the level) these will only blow up with grenades (i recommend simtex) step 3 - (only in multi-player) listen again and then find the bottle of vodka. it will look like a ball of ice with some of the bottle sticking out of the top. it should be frozen to a rail. you will have to have someone under the bottle to catch it so it doesnt break. if you do break it it will respawn somewhere else dont worry. step 4 - okay this is where i'm stuck. you have to find the golden rod. i think it has something to so with turning on this green beam then shooting somewhere on the green beam with the vr-11 and/or the scavenger. after you shoot the green beam (from what i have heard) the golden rod will appear. you simply pick it up and bring it to the doctor. then you are done. have fun with the new toy you get. if someone has an exact explanation for step 4 please post.
  7. ^^^ ya we were thinking its the fog horn. you know to call the submarine in... i can't find anything on the fourth step anywhere except this forum. that;s why i registered.. you guys are on top of it..
  8. i believe what you were seeing was the pack a punch turning on and about to pop up. the light was the came color as the light that comes when pack a punch comes up.. thats my opinion though.
  9. me and my team are having the same problem. i would llike a step by step for the green light... i was under the impression that you put the brown handle on the wheel of the ship on five o-clock. then you pull the first lever once and pull the third lever twice... please correct me if i'm wrong
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