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  1. Two things, 1. the players never picked up the Spaz power up so we dont know that it gives us the spaz, we can only assume..... 2. Gershs return, how can i tell? Go to 3:34, the player has Gershs.
  2. Its a United States Moon Base, if the leaked info is true and pack a punch is at Area 51, which requires a teleporter to get back and forth from then its the most logical Nationality (meaning where the map is i.e. Shi-no-numa= Japan and Five= America, even though the moon is an international location) for the Map. Although there is the off chance that it is a Soviet Facility.
  3. It just clicked for me, if the leaks are true, then JZ was hinting at the PPSH!
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXk2D0fAJPQ In the video i noticed these things right off the bat. You have to abtain the space suits some how (0:38) Nova Crawlers return (0:46) Wave Gun makes zombies inflate and blow up (0:18) there is a zombie out side of treyarch studios (1:15) NEW PERK MACHINE (1:19) UNKNOWN WONDER WEAPON (1:23) Mineing Saw trap (1:29) Tank Dempsy (1:49) Possible Moon Loading screen (2:07)
  5. Just because you have more than two guns to cycle though doesn't mean "costing you the game", back in [email protected] on Shi-no-numa i used the multi-weapon glitch to get upwards of ten guns out of the box at once and still survived until round 45. If anything its a blessing rather than a curse.
  6. THEORY This is supposedly where it all ends, meaning that all the items Richtofen (the Golden Rod from Call of the Dead, the Focusing Stone from Shangri-la) will finally be used for one last Easter egg, but your guess is as good as mine what our prize will be for completing it. I also remember from reading Carbons interview with Jimmy and i recall that Jimmy hinted on diffrent weapons depending on what area of the map you were on. So could this mean you can find only certain wonder weapons in specific area of the map? I cant wait for this map.
  7. Im sorry if someone else posted this theory or something similar to it, but i have an idea what that "something" is you get from the monkeys...... From the new trailer we have seen that monkey bombs make a return, but who says they have to come from the random box? It could be possible that a monkey will have to drop the monkey bomb when you kill it. The achievement could simply be stating that you get a power up from one of them like they show in the multiplexer trailer. Again this is just a theory.
  8. TO download the MP go to dashboard, All games, C, Call of Duty Black Opps, extras, browse all, and it should be there for 1200, if it has some random price like 12242352 then restart the xbox. Credit to Trikky Joker for finding
  9. I knew it sounded familiar, well if thats the case then disregard this post. :facepalm:
  10. So, the poster lists A7X and 45 Grave as music contributers. Most of us know who A7X is, but who is this 45 Grave? I did a little research and came up with this: "45 Grave is an American punk rock band from Los Angeles, California formed in 1979. The original group broke up in 1985 but vocalist Dinah Cancer subsequently revived the band. 45 Grave are noted as one of the first bands to mix punk rock with horror-themed lyrics, thereby positioning them as progenitors of the horror punk subgenre. Their unique appearance and morbid theatricality also distinguished them as innovators of goth rock as well as "deathrock," a term used to identify a subgenre of punk rock incorporating horror elements and spooky atmospherics." (Wikipedia) What exactly does their music sound like you ask? Well heres a youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtICCGcmWGM If this is the band the poster is referencing then, their music fits the build: Horror-Rock, from the era that this is suppose to be set in. Its odd though, two MUSIC EASTER EGGS? Maybe each time you start the game, the songs are switched out at random so its not the same old song every time you activate it, or is there just two songs on the map itself? If you want to expand on this go ahead.
  11. Eww, mainstream metal........ Not a fan of newer A7X, hopefully its like their older stuff, but nice find [brains]
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