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  1. The only results I got was i turned out to be under the bus and died by lava. It pretty funny because my friend couldn't revive me because I dolphin dived and the bus came over me.
  2. If this is true I think treyarch has gone way too far with these easter eggs. Btw great first post.
  3. '(right click and click 'view image')' doesnt work just asks me to save image please change it. Right click it, click copy image URL, new tab and paste the URL.
  4. I was thinking wouldn't you be taking a lot of damage from the splash damage from the raygun since you would be punching them in the faces with your knuckles, but other than that I think everyone else would like that .
  5. its the shadow now iam scared to take a shower now for reals
  6. ty but small easter egg like a diffrent onethan the song and the 7 perks thing
  7. thank u but my first ques. was is there a easter egg other than the 7 prks thing i will give u brains for that and once again ty
  8. but y did he made it and y is it in shangri la
  9. lolz iam srry its like 110 degrees outside and need an ac i only have a fan. but i edit it a little lolz iam srry again
  10. Is there any small Easter egg. How were there zombies there. Y does the monkeys get your power up and bring it to the templeand U kno how after u pack a puch water pushes u down wat will happen to the monkey if they still your power-up and the water was stil going.Y did the monkey BOMB came back in shangri la but not call of the dead. How did the babygun got there and who created it.Y is there a napalm and a ice zombie thing and a zombie in a gas mask? PS:iam new to the fourms and i guy gave me brains wat do they do and how do u give them. And wat is zombifactoin things with green boxes EDIT: who made the scavenger and the other gun in call of the dead?
  11. sence iam new and only posted to post how do u guve brains and wat do they do
  12. has anyone found a good 1,2,3,4 player guide b/c i only run around and wen i play solo my highest is 7 i kno bad and i always die by getting trap in the stick trap following my friend so can anyone help me out iam srry for asking if this is a bad post this is my 2nd post thats y and ty
  13. hi first of all this is my first post on the site but has anyone noclip out the map (since the dlc came out of the pc) and did if they found anything wierd or somthing b/c most of the others do and thank u srry if this was a bad post iam new thats y and ty
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