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  1. so far with 4 guys at the start and 2 dropping out at round 25 we still got to round 33 with the two of us. so the leaderboard says 4 people when the last 8 rounds were done with 2
  2. omg punctuation nazis make me so furious. remember what your here for? did you join the forum to be a bitch or to talk zombies? if punctuation is such a big deal for you then why dont you leave and go and join some fag grammar and punctuation forum
  3. Heinz935


    break this down for me please the zombies took most of my brains.
  4. im a big weird al fan and a big zombies fan. so i was singing this along to the song thumbs up dude!
  5. from a program point could you program a game to give you the map as it should be but if you happen to activate something special could more map be loaded in so you unlock more map? so basically you couldnt find it on no clip if it wasnt loaded in yet but when you activate it more map is loaded and the wonder waffe and winters howl are magically available lol?
  6. has anyone spelled samantha with the lunar letters?
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