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  1. Dude thats a great idea. Im not too fond of Deadshot
  2. I don't think it works, it took me like 10 tries to get it on solo with the green light shining. But they should still make this happen.
  3. The best way I found to kill him is in single player. Once you get a death machine, just keep pounding him with it. I killed him on round 8 with about 3 different death machines. Just make sure you don't get cornered or your screwed. No idea how to kill him in multiplayer, since I think he gets stronger. :?
  4. Great idea dude, one of the best zombie game ideas on this site. I like the idea of unlocking everything, it would help the newbies.
  5. There are a ton of easter eggs in asension! First are the martorikisomethingsomeblahblah dolls across the map. Then is the giant node easter egg. You can spell letters from the landers. You find teddys with sickles that play a secret song. There is SO much to do in this map. Its awesome :D
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