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  1. i hope they do bring back a special zombie for every few rounds i really miss them it did make things easier but i would guess and say this fire zombie thing is not the boss mainly because it looks too easy to kill and their are monkeys. they could be the boss zombie every few rounds we wont know till the map comes out or they release a trailer showing more.
  2. i like the idea we find out more before they went to der riese but we already know they went from shi no numa to der riese because in the map pack trailer for der riese they teleported to der riese. how they teleported remains to be answered (kind of a mystery like how they went from kino to ascension) but im pretty sure they did not go anywhere between shi no numa and der riese
  3. when you get the fn fal nikolai says "I love this effing gun! Get it? FN? Just like... fuck." he picks fun at the sound of the guns name.
  4. i have heard plenty of theories about the pentagon thief and i am interested in who he really is. your theory is good and makes a lot of sense but another one i liked was where people believe he was scientist working in the pentagon on the wonder weapons you see like the winters howl and the raygun on tables in five and the teleporters but he went mad from exposure to 115 though that theory does not explain why he steals weapons
  5. xbox gt: blue mist unit6 send me a message telling me your from codz
  6. i don't know if anyone has posted this but josh Olin said once on twitter that their was a secret place the lander could take you i didn't think he was serious considering no one has found it maybe that is where the secret lander place is
  7. just looked at it pretty good this will be useful its perfect as far as i can tell
  8. all i know is dempsey could be losing his memory because i read or heard somewhere that using the perks have side effects like losing memories and honestly i do not think anyone can say 100% as to whether sam is a ghost we might find out in another map or something but you can not be sure about it
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