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  1. I guess I dont ynderstand how time travel is a dimension....isnt time travel an action? And I thought the 4th was time...
  2. I'm pretty sure they're referring to the Nova 6 crawlers. Also, why do all of your posts look **like this**...its a little annoying
  3. LOL... The title of your post sounded like you wanted people to lay off of BO, but really you just complained more about how its the worst an how 3rach will never fix it. I just don't understand, I guess
  4. So you guys are saying that the whole death machine thing is just a place holder for the REAL easter egg? Like a 'to be continued'? Haha...i love it, rdpecially sinve none of my lame friends have even bought first strike, and they have an xbox! I'lll be getting it midnightish 3/1
  5. Thats actually a pretty good idea...had not thought of that
  6. Now, I'm on ps3, so I haven't actually played the map yet but... What if theres another step, COMPLETELY unrelated to the death machines, and the death machines are only to give you a little reward for getting so far? Like shooting the "sparky" batteries (speaking of sparky, the generator at the beginning of the easter egg is 'sparky'...hmm) with a PaP'd ray gun or something. Maybe its something completely different, I have no idea. Maybe theres no more, and Treyarch made it anti-climatic to tell us to stop takung the game so seriously.... Haha. But i'm curious to find out! Leave your thoughts!
  7. Oh I hope not. Dmitri (and Reznov) deserves better than to have to deal with the undead menace.
  8. That is the best thing i've heard all day! [brains]
  9. Let me just say sorry in advance if this topic has been posted but... I feel like theres at least a chance that the man who needs help is the same as the blank photo on Kino. I know that would bring the logical question "how did a Russian scientist get a photo in a theater?" But my guess is as good as any. I believe the man in Ascension is responsible for the gangs getting to the rockets, (maybe via lunar landers...) All just guesses, and all other ideas welcome!
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