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  1. i want to say that the zombs are clipping into each other, but it looks too clean for them to be clipping. I dont know, guess we just have to wait and see. good find!
  2. sorry but i dont, we had alot of work to do and frankly i was having too much fun playing that i didnt think of taking any pictures Edit: About the commercial, it was going to be used to promote a new call of duty website, but that website's release was pushed back....a year. But a shorter version of the commercial that doesnt reveal too much info about the site will come out soon.
  3. He probably doesn't have access to it. And, it'll probably be posted by CALLOFDUTY themselves on YouTube when the commercial airs. nice call. I wish i could see it, but its probably not completed yet. They had the idea for this song that they were going to write for the commercial, not a metal song, but a laughable song about the heros. Im sure that takes a long time to organize. Ill keep all you posted, ill try to get in touch with my mom's friend (lol) about its release.
  4. that was actually one of the stereotypes we planned to do, but no one who was there could QS in black ops lmao
  5. the commercial we worked on isnt out yet, but i think it will be in the next few weeks.
  6. they need bodies buddy, and i was one of those bodies. I was one of those guys who gets their ass ownd by some dude in the gameplay commercials anyways, figured it would be easier to upload the album to Pb. Sorry about the picture of a picture, my stupid phone needs a special cable to hook up to the computer Click me.... Update: currently uploading a vid explaining the pictures
  7. that would be crazy if Lenin is one of the zomb characters
  8. whoa, thats sick. Could you determine their nationality?
  9. 1) I got to go to Activision for 2 days to help them make a commercial (i played as one of the "puppets" that just gets killed). I did not even know what the First Strike map pack was as this was nearly 2 months ago, and the pack was named about 30 days ago. 2) go here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gn6YyaGdOOY, this was the vid, the link is also found on the thread "Ascension Will Feature Cosmic Silverbacks!!! and more!! Read" posted by "ThunderGunner". 3) and this is true, if you need more proof i would be happy to PM you some pics of my stay at Activision
  10. Thanks for the link. It only confirms that my vid was correct.
  11. DISCLAIMER!!! You dont have to view this!! if you are an extremely stubbon person who just goes on these threads just to say "Omg he is lying screw him, dont believe this crap" your pointless input will not be valued!! I typed this up so that we as a community could analyize my info of the map!! Dont ruin it by being a dick!! Thank you Some of you already know about or have seen the vid on youtube (was removed by Activision, dont try looking) explaining the First Strike maps (including Ascension) that i played at Activsion. Even though this was about 2 months ago i can still remember a bunch about the map (was a very early beta, so alot of the stuff i am mentioning may have changed. Here is what i know about the maps origin..... The map was originally called "Cosmodrome", due to the fact that a Cosmodrome lies in the player spawn area. It will occasionally spin up (google "cosmodrome" for more info on how it works) and if the player walks into it, they will be downed. It was also going to be called cosmodrome because its takes place in the Baikonur Cosmodrome. How the zombs looked... As i said, this was an extemely early beta of the map, the textures were cruddy and i didnt even have a character! If i hit back + start at the same time, a programmer's menu would open, and i could go into 3rd person and I still didnt have a body!! Back to the zombs, they looked like scientists and zombified russian troops. I cant confirm if they had moss on them becuase like i said, it was a very early beta. Ok now for the actual gameplay... Like i said you spawn in the cosmodrome, underground. There is a QR machine, an M14, and an Olympia. I dont remember how many windows there are but i would guess around 3-5 windows. Then, there is a catwalk with a buyable door ($750?) that i think leads to more stairs that then lead you outside. From there, zombs will drop off catwalks, come out of the ground, and thru windows. Across from the door that led you outside (bout 40-50m) there will be a buyable gate (1000 or 1250 cant remember), which leads you to a smaller open area, with another gate on the left and a door on the right. Oh yeah, if you have looked up at all during this time, you will have seen the giant rocket sitting on the launch pad. I kind of lost the bit of memory on how i got from there to here.... I ended up on a catwalk near the rocket, i think the M.box was there but i cant remember using it. Anyways there is a button near the M.Box that says somethink like "Initiate launch sequence", if you hit it, it will ask you for authorization. So somewhere on the map is a terminal or another button that will authorize the launch. soon after i hit that button, it was probably around round 5-8, and most of you are probably thinking about hellhounds. But no, Cosmic Silverbacks some after you!! I dont remember how they spawn, as i was too busy with running away (lol). They are not HUGE, but rather medium size, about 3ft tall. I lost on that round as i did not have the proper weaponry to survive, the C.Silverbacks have about the same health as hellhounds and do about the same damage. Well that is all i can remember, hope you enjoyed it :)
  12. why would they ban my friend's account based on screenshots THEY released? it doesnt make sense, then again, them taking down the vid doesnt make sense. If anything i was promoting the map pack
  13. You don't need to go spamming links to a video that has already been posted in a thread. Its fake anyways, there are many many many other videos identical to that one of people claiming to have ties to TA. Uhhh its not fake dude, ive played the maps and made the vid to talk about it. Just wait for feb. 1st
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