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  1. I have a theory that i want somebody to weigh in on. so far ive seen 2 of the nav cards and noticed how they are always next to players scores on spiderbites video on NGTZombies, which leads me to believe that there are more than 1 separate nav cards, and each player gets one, indicated next to their score. i want to try to use the different nav cards used by different characters. so please if anyone knows spider or anyone doing the EE spread the word! :D
  2. nice!! i will be trying that out tomorrow when first strike happens on ps3 [brains] 2 you sir!!
  3. what if beware the 6 is a message to themselves regarding ascension! :shock:
  4. i lost mine after i downloaded it i would have gladly given u one of the 5 downloads for free... *facepalm
  5. welll you saw the topic... any help?
  6. omg cant wait to c if this is real!!! im on ps3 i cant try it
  7. gonna be really pissed if its all adream after how far we've come
  8. abra cadavre sounds like its comfirming the dreamland theory post your thoughts on this i personally think that after all we've gone through in the zombies storyline it should'nt be a dream but thats just me. :D
  9. ascend from darkness is in every map...
  10. i dont have an xbox so i cant try this yet but... anyone tired spelling samantha?, hitsam, or hyena other than luna?
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