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  1. That sounds really... lame... I mean really? Since its treyarch hopefully it will be much more complex.
  2. Launcher with rapid fire. *Yawn* Where have I seen that before? Lol. Jk. But, I beat ya to it. Yeah, me too... except mine was silenced..
  3. You totally copied my Strela with rapid fire dealio. Lol. Jk. Oh sorry I posted before I read though the others.
  4. But now we have to think... Do we want to know who it is? I mean..it could be Michael Jackson for all we know 0.o no.. Wait that voice wasn't high enough..my bad!
  5. Do I get anything extra for a silenced Law? [brains]
  6. How far did you let it get to?
  7. Lol thanks. The second tomahawk was right after he killed me and then i got him first try Have you ever noticed the second rocket? I thought it was air support at first thats why i was pulling out the law....
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjTd7hNY6CI Fast forward to 11 seconds. On Launch there is two rockets that launch at different times. So could the second rocket be the one that you can launch in Ascension?
  9. All I can think of is them glitching and just leaving it there when they need a break. How many kills do they have?
  10. All three of those happen I know, I've tried. Pretty weird because after that Sam comes out and like, rapes you.. 0.o I'm not joking at all just to let you know. :lol:
  11. Spartan117MD


    Hey, I dont really know what to put here so... I play zombies on the ps3 and my psn is Spartan117MD (the same as here). My highscore is 26 on kino solo and with 4 people and like 9 or 10 solo on five XD(I don't like five as much) and 26 with 4 people.
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