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  1. ! There's got to be a diary in Ascension! That will be our answer!
  2. Or maybe it's jist the 115 messibg with them and it tastes nothong like fish.
  3. Ive never heard of Sizzurp... Im from the UK. :roll: Im sorry for annoying You... That's not a reason to -brains me, though. I'd -brains you, too. But you did nothing wrong.
  4. Lol. Sizzurp is a drug. And, it's also called Purple Drank, but it's... Not gonna get into detail. But, it's a drug drink.
  5. is the thunder gun in "five"? i cant remember.. :?: Nope.
  6. Or they could have been in the very first update. I seriously don't want to restart all the work we've done. EDIT: I just realized something. There is a greater possibility that the passwords aren't in the update, but in the map itself. For instance, we could be playing as Rchtofen and all of a sudden we here, "Ze Gersch Device, my greatest invention!" or as Nikolai and suddendly, "Matryoshka Doll! These were my favorite when I was growing up. They're creepy like my 3rd wife." or something like that. Also, which is the wife Nikolai has yet to talk about? Third, right?
  7. Tartar sauce. I'm on mobile. I can't view the site. And, I don't have Spike. Tell me how it goes.
  8. I had to download it, and then upload it to another server. Then, I simply embedded it. It would have been easier on my computer. Lol. But, it wasn't too hard. 30 secs max. Lol.
  9. Ehhh, your view of humor is bland. My 6 year old brother could have replaced my words and make it 100fold funnier than your post.
  10. [ img ] link [ /img ] without spaces.

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