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  1. How would you? An update can't edit the coding on a disk. The update gets stored to your hard drive. Wait, that's ignorant of me. Maybe, you're a PC gamer?
  2. ! There's got to be a diary in Ascension! That will be our answer!
  3. Has anyone bothered watching the video I posted?
  4. Or maybe it's jist the 115 messibg with them and it tastes nothong like fish.
  5. Carbon has an HD PVR and he's been releasing a MESS of easter eggs. Why don't we show this to him so he can make a video? He's already made a video about the five radios. Why not of this, too?
  6. How does drinking soda give you superpower like abilities?
  7. Ive never heard of Sizzurp... Im from the UK. :roll: Im sorry for annoying You... That's not a reason to -brains me, though. I'd -brains you, too. But you did nothing wrong.
  8. Free PhD? I will definitely be spamming the Dolphin Dive.
  9. Jst because it kills them, doesn't necessarily mean it'll kill you. The teleporters kill them but not you. The landers kill them but not you, etc. It teleports you to another place on the map. You just can't teleport with your own Gersch, it seems. Language warning! SkPCi6BhT9Q
  10. Lol. Sizzurp is a drug. And, it's also called Purple Drank, but it's... Not gonna get into detail. But, it's a drug drink.
  11. is the thunder gun in "five"? i cant remember.. :?: Nope.
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