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  1. ! There's got to be a diary in Ascension! That will be our answer!
  2. is the thunder gun in "five"? i cant remember.. :?: Nope.
  3. Or they could have been in the very first update. I seriously don't want to restart all the work we've done. EDIT: I just realized something. There is a greater possibility that the passwords aren't in the update, but in the map itself. For instance, we could be playing as Rchtofen and all of a sudden we here, "Ze Gersch Device, my greatest invention!" or as Nikolai and suddendly, "Matryoshka Doll! These were my favorite when I was growing up. They're creepy like my 3rd wife." or something like that. Also, which is the wife Nikolai has yet to talk about? Third, right?
  4. Tartar sauce. I'm on mobile. I can't view the site. And, I don't have Spike. Tell me how it goes.
  5. I had to download it, and then upload it to another server. Then, I simply embedded it. It would have been easier on my computer. Lol. But, it wasn't too hard. 30 secs max. Lol.
  6. I think you guys are jealous that you didn't find this. Lol. Also, this forum looks amazing on a computer. I've only been using it from my iPod this whole time. EDIT: ChrisMathers, whenever I can, I will give you brains. The whole weapons thing is a really good find.
  7. I'm just breaking ya balls, dude... Jk. No, I wasn't. You just made me look like an idiot and I'm trying to make up an excuse. Lol. Anyway, It just doesn't seem logical that they would setup computer accounts. I believe that Der Riese is where it began, and where it will end. So, they probably wouldn't update anything on their events and mishaps until they know the zombie whatever you wanna call it is over. EDIT: Also, sorry for dissing you the way I did. I don't know if you caught it, but it was kinda sneaky.
  8. Lol? Egocentric ftw? Firstly, I don't play much zombies. I'd rather run around nuking the noobs wih me Intervention. Secondly, they don't code stuff using random words. They code their material using an intricate string of characters. And, not every section is encoded using the same cipher. I may not know much about programing, but I know it's far more complicated than looking at a rock and basing your investigation of off that. Especially if your "decoded" message comes out to be as retarded as "Monday Xieon Hippopatimi." Not trying to flame(you can be the judge) but don't post a reply thinking you're hot sh*t and falsely assuming things, such as my zombie skills, if any are needed.
  9. Uhm, you guys do know that updates don't change he coding on the disk, right? As far as we know, they could have updated the terminal on launch day. Also, why would and/or should there be an Ascension file? I mean, if i were to teleport to yet another zombie infested facility, the first thing I'd do is find a way out of there. Not setup an account on some random scientist's computer.
  10. The weapon files only show a regular AK and one with a MasterKey.
  11. I'll try to get you the name and/or a screeny.
  12. Well... It was a good one. I'm feel like a Ghostbuster in a way. Lol.
  13. OH...MY...GOD... ARE YOU A FUCKING WIZARD??? A new leak from IGN shows that there'll be Russian Matryoshka dolls (I know, awesome WMDs), a Gersch device and space monkeys that steal perks. And guess what the Gersch device is? A HUGE BLACK HOLE CREATING VACUUM! How did you know that? You are awesome! Link to thread: http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5102 Link to IGN: http://xboxlive.ign.com/articles/114/1144268p1.html I say we all give him brains. And, if there's anyone on the internet we should believe, it's him.

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