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  1. If you throw the gersch into a pool of water that is on the map, will it go off?
  2. ok back to that red light that appeared.... I only thought of this because of the location, but what if some how you would have to use PHD Flopper and flop on it after the Gersch is thrown. Either from top stairs or from top window. Just an idea... I have never seen this light
  3. yeah i was just nikolai till round 25 and he referred to himself and the bear a bunch :D
  4. Ok, I'm game. I have an HD PVR and just need to setup my new live stream. xbox gt: JordanN9ne i am -7 gmt in Arizona just lemme know
  5. you can. just yesterday I said out loud on Ascension, "I love how I can repair windows while holding my death machine lol"
  6. Hey everyone, Jordan here. I play Black Ops zombies on xbox from 20-40 hours a week. I have Turtle beaches and actually USE my mic! Invite me 80% of the time and I will join you to play zombies See you in game
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