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  1. seriously dude chill out. I know he has the markings on his coat but what i was saying is that they needed one to fit the face and used the one on file.
  2. I know this sounds dumb because no one seems to have found one but has anyone found a way so that you can pick your character in solo play?
  3. Oh jeez, you're one of those people who would see a cat with the sign "cat" on it's head, and you'd say "we can't be certain that's a cat" you really need to think about this. they put that on his face because it was on file and they were too lazy to make other markings. also you can't prove it at all. all your saying is he has writing and hair is growing on the same place on his head. until we have some solid proof (which i never think will come because i think this map is a novelty) we will never know either way.
  4. Ok listen. it isn't DEFIANTLY Clarke at all and i find you extremely arrogant to think so. yes he has the numbers on his face but this doesn't prove beyond a doubt it's him. Clarke wasn't the only person working on the numbers, and although it looks very slightly like him and could be him, i think you saying it defiantly is is a bit too far. It doesn't look all that much like Clarke and how is he alive again? he doesn't seem to be a zombie. I mean come on man, people have only just started accepting that Edward is Rhictofen even though that was TOTALLY obvious and you're hoping to convince them with this? I'm going to be honest and say i don't know who the thief is and have a suspicion that FIVE is just for fun and there is no real back story. So listen I'm not saying it isn't Clarke because in all fairness it could be (although i suspect it's Doctor Emmet Brown off back to the future ) but you really can't say that it is defiantly him when it can't be totally proved.
  5. Well it isn't unheard of. in fact one of the dreamland server users is a nazi scientist who joined the allies. it all comes down to is he clever? yes would he be an asset? yes will the enemy miss him? yes in that situation.... you'll have him if the offer is there. ( i realised i said him, however i am not implying all nazi scientist were male) The only problem would be then, why would Maxis be working at the Pentagon? Maxis was the head of such a major nazi research group bent on ENDING the war with America, and to my knowlege, a pro-german scientist. Plus, in my mentioned post, Maxis was the victim of attempted murder at the hands of Richtofen, so we honestly don't even know if Maxis is alive for sure to be able to even get that kind of offer to work for The Pentagon. yeah well if he was alive don't you think he'd be more likely to flee to america if he knew the illuminati were after him? and he'd seen how pointless it was trying to controlthe zombies. maybe he thought they would never be able to control them and they were a lost cause. without the zombies Germany would lose so he swapped to the winning team (if he is alive of course. tbh i don't think it's Maxis i'm just saying it's a possibility)
  6. Well it isn't unheard of. in fact one of the dreamland server users is a nazi scientist who joined the allies. it all comes down to is he clever? yes would he be an asset? yes will the enemy miss him? yes in that situation.... you'll have him if the offer is there. ( i realised i said him, however i am not implying all nazi scientist were male)
  7. Err, no? There isn't a story within a story, but rather the implanted pasts of the people in the story. As for the rest of your post... that was confusing. Do you think you could organize your thoughts? ok then The part about a story being in a story what i meant was they seem to be making the Die Glocke mystery a big part of the storyline and for them to make this theory the real storyline that would seem to be a story in a story. When the recording says that they are nearly breaking through to the subconscious but the projectionist will have to make a few changes makes me think that group 935 were using the cinema by placing zombies in it and playing brainwashing propaganda/subliminal messages on the screen to try and gain control of the zombies. This makes sense because the recordings in der riese showed that the group was struggling to get the zombies to follow commands. As for the reason that post on the dreamland server mentions that Dempsey, Nikoli and Takeo have memory loss and are under obs by Rhictofen i don't really know but i think that one of the above theories is a possibility. Is that better? :oops:Also Rhictofen calls them his unconventional allies which may mean he is doing something to them to control them. and the loss of memories may be why the characters that should hate each other (Russian likes nazi) in fact are friends.
  8. I disagree. especially with people saying 5 is the same because you dont test something like that on the president. When Rhictofen says it's a mere side effect Russian on the der riese trailer because the teleporter causes dizziness etc. also the story seems loosely based on die glocke because of the fly trap and the the note in SNN with die glocke written on it and i don't think they would have a story within a story. Also the talk of the projectionists making changes to break through to their subconscious makes me think that maybe the nazis had resorted to subliminal messaging to get the zombies under control seeing as they were having issues getting them to follow commands this makes a lot of sense if you read it thinking this. This would also explain why group 935 needed a cinema (they could show the film to many zombies at a time). However for the bit about Dempsy etc having side effects but loosing memories I'm not too sure however i have a few theories. 1) Rhictofen is injecting them with the zombie infectant because they seem strong willed and they are the first ever subjects not to turn. 2) Rhictofen is subjecting them to the subliminal messages to see if he can get them to work for the nazis. this kinda makes sense because he calls them his "Unconventional allies" and the memories being lost could be why they seem to like the wrong people i.e. American liking Japanese Russian liking German. 3) He could be exposing them to 115 i think that seems reasonable.
  9. Unless it's a new character it isn't prototype. and i dont think its MW3 because isnt that rumoured to be and xbox exclusive? (please dont kill me if I'm wrong) and this sounds so dumb but it looks a bit like command and conquer. Kane with maps of the world he is conquering on the wall. also to whoever said they didn't recognise the style of it, I'm pretty sure its a real person.
  10. I THOUGHT THAT. it does look like him and there's a crawler lower down. this implies they knew they were gonna do the things they have with the new maps so maybe 5 has got something to do with kino?
  11. No, Nothing 'hit the building' And you know that. And if he even said that, he said "sounds like" He did NOT say it is? Please provide some real evidance guys, rather than "I'm sure" I think the fact that they bothered to put that in is pretty much evidence. Takeo seems to be the only member of the group with any real wisdom.
  12. If you go up to the barrels as Rhictofen he says "oh, these must be the failed experiments Dr Maxis mentioned" this is probably why they haven't been in previous maps. and the tipped barrel explains why there are so many now.
  13. the PaP semiauto shotgun (forgot the name) is awesome the PaP version is called typhon and mary. the second time he comes we had three players and i killed him in less than a clip.
  14. I'm sure it isn't the crawlers or the silverback because once i was Takeo and something hit the building and he said "oh! It sounds like a giant monster is attacking the building!"
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