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  1. Torchwood84

    The True identity of the Thief!

    seriously dude chill out. I know he has the markings on his coat but what i was saying is that they needed one to fit the face and used the one on file.
  2. Torchwood84

    The True identity of the Thief!

    Oh jeez, you're one of those people who would see a cat with the sign "cat" on it's head, and you'd say "we can't be certain that's a cat" you really need to think about this. they put that on his face because it was on file and they were too lazy to make other markings. also you can't prove it at all. all your saying is he has writing and hair is growing on the same place on his head. until we have some solid proof (which i never think will come because i think this map is a novelty) we will never know either way.
  3. Torchwood84

    The True identity of the Thief!

    Ok listen. it isn't DEFIANTLY Clarke at all and i find you extremely arrogant to think so. yes he has the numbers on his face but this doesn't prove beyond a doubt it's him. Clarke wasn't the only person working on the numbers, and although it looks very slightly like him and could be him, i think you saying it defiantly is is a bit too far. It doesn't look all that much like Clarke and how is he alive again? he doesn't seem to be a zombie. I mean come on man, people have only just started accepting that Edward is Rhictofen even though that was TOTALLY obvious and you're hoping to convince them with this? I'm going to be honest and say i don't know who the thief is and have a suspicion that FIVE is just for fun and there is no real back story. So listen I'm not saying it isn't Clarke because in all fairness it could be (although i suspect it's Doctor Emmet Brown off back to the future ) but you really can't say that it is defiantly him when it can't be totally proved.
  4. Torchwood84

    BIG secret on Kino???

    No, Nothing 'hit the building' And you know that. And if he even said that, he said "sounds like" He did NOT say it is? Please provide some real evidance guys, rather than "I'm sure" I think the fact that they bothered to put that in is pretty much evidence. Takeo seems to be the only member of the group with any real wisdom.
  5. Torchwood84

    BIG secret on Kino???

    I'm sure it isn't the crawlers or the silverback because once i was Takeo and something hit the building and he said "oh! It sounds like a giant monster is attacking the building!"

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