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  1. It's not buyer sale it's Fire Sale.
  2. The announcer says "Death Con" aswell instead of "Defcon"
  3. No I think it's a Python.
  4. because when you open one side of the metal stairwell, the other side opens automatically.
  5. We camp in the alley. Take the room to the top-right in spawn to get to the stage, then go through the metal staircase, and enter the alley through the metal cage door. One guy covers the fence, the others aim forward at the zombies. If you get overrun take the door into the room with the Flame trap.
  6. ok in the mission USSD with Robert McNamara, he mentions several passwords. Prospero, Ariel and Sycorax. I have been trying to login the DOD server with user RMCNAMARA and these passwords to no avail. I googled them and they are all from William Shakespeare's play called The Tempest. I tried the passwords "THETEMPEST", "TEMPEST", and "SHAKESPEARE" but none worked. I think I might be on to something. USSD Mission Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NT3La8-Abk The Tempest: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Tempest
  7. Nope. HL is definitely fake. When you decode something properly it gives a large string not a certain letter. Even try decoding a random string of letters and you will get one letter most of the time.
  8. Good shout bro. Yes, I think that Sam doesn't die as you hear a teleport sound on the radio recording. You're onto something
  9. got to round 25 with 3 other people but every time I play it resets my score to what I just got in that playthrough. We got there by having 3 guys with H115 Oscillators, 2 of us had Ray Guns, one of us had that Winter Fury and one of us had Monkey Bombs. Was epic.
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