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  1. If ferritin is high, there is iron in excess or else there is an acute inflammatory reaction in which ferritin is mobilized without iron excess. For example, ferritins may be high in infection without signalling body iron overload. ^ From wiki. Ferritins may high in infection...
  2. I guess he means it like *insert zombies tease #32 here*, just showing how he has teased it lots.
  3. First, dont reply to me and say HL IS FAKE and stuff, I couldnt care less about that right now. Anyway, I am a supporter of HL and I know that that particular video is "a lie". GKNOVA0 told us himself about a week before it was uploaded. PTG said that they reiceved "The truth part 2" video in their droxbox. I think that it is fake too. The enitre video. *Gets ready for hate* :cry:
  4. In one of the Single Player loading screens, where it flashes lots of images and stuff together quickly as well as showing you where your mission is taking place in the world, it shows 2 vials of chemicals and Nova 6 at the bottom. This shows that those 2 chemicals combined makes Nova 6. Those 2 vials are in the bomb on S&D. I will try to record this but I have other videos to recod and upload.
  5. Dogs- Some dogs are on fire and explode when killed. Others just die. Crawlers (Im not sure if this is true)- Some wear jeans and others wear things that look like "diapers" apparently.
  6. The video was just randomly put in the dropbox. It could have been made by anyone. The guest and the video are both right. We need to all come together and look at Black Ops. Map pack 1 is coming soon.
  7. Hi, I am flamekid150 and I'm from the Haven. From what I have heard about this place, almost everyone hates the Haven :cry: I am only here becuase Ben, a magpie, was talking to Henry and I was mentioned!!!!!! Anyway Hai ppl!!
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