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  1. I really hope you're talking about the video game here, if not you have no right to call anybody an 8 year old. If you're going to base all of your arguments on a video game you sir should GTFO. What else would i be talking about? Its in the COD: Black Ops section. :facepalm:
  2. RY4l_NKdzkc you can not hate on that. its an art! [brains]
  3. I see. What I should have called you was a fanboy. Basically, your threads poll is not an applicable poll because it is answers based on your opinions ("or you think your cool and like quick scoping") That is not an applicable poll because your basically just bashing quick scopers because they pwnt you. Sure, its mainly 1 shot kill with Quick scopes but that is not our fault that the Sniper riles are so hardcore like that. Think about it, basically a barrett .50 is going to be 1 shot 1 kill almost 50% of the time being its a .50 cal. Just A. either change your poll options to "I Quickscope" and "I Do Not Quickscope" Or "I Like Quick Scopeing" and "I dislike Quick Scoping" because Those poll options would be more acceptable and make you look like less of an 8 year old or B. just GTFO n k thnx.
  4. Now everyone has they're opinion that's why I made it into a poll thats not a poll. Polls have listed opinions or answers as an option and your just making a nazi our of yourself. /pwn. ps. Quick scoping is cool. ;)
  5. uhm the [email protected] game engine was just a tweaked (COD4:MW) engine made off of IWs COD4:MW engine so in reality it is IWs engine still but with even more tweaks to call it their own.
  6. thats why they had both. stopping power and fmj untill you NOOBS went and complained about stopping power FMJ should not be an attachment. For the last time, a full metal jacket should be a different option as a secondary round like the crossbow's "dragon breath" sure it does make some sense if it was an attachment but it makes more sense as a perk but should ultimately be toggled and added as apart of equipment taking place of flashbangs, claymores, etc. but they should limit the amount of FMJ rounds equaling more balanced gameplay. [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains]
  7. and i still respectfully disagree with you the whole "FMJ as attachment" Basically, FMJ could be considered an attachment, but it would take away from your other attachments that you would want more (EX: red dot/silencer, silencer/thermal scope etc.) therefor, FMJ as a perk is a lot better than -1 attachment as it would be -1 perk. (EX: FMJ with Red dot compared to red dot/silencer with hardened pro and 2 other perks)
  8. they arn't really an attachment. Think about it. since when do you attach FMJ to your gun? you don't. you insert the FMJs into the gun to fire as a secondary round. If anything, it should be an optional secondary round on certain weapons but it is more logical to have FMJ in perk form rather then having it as an attachment. ps. use your [brains]
  9. BADASS!!! I always hated the flinching. especially when sniping. probly be using this for my sniper class. especially since no fmj, which i think really shouldve stayed in CoD. FMJ is in the game under the alias of Hardened. Basically, Treyarch did it the correct way and made it a perk instead of an attachment.
  10. Steve Blum is the voice to the trailer... anybody know what this means? Mr. Tank Dempsey!
  11. me either, that's why i marked them as possibly fake. I haven't seen them in any trailers but that doesn't completely write them off.
  12. the second image was recreated but was seen in the MP trailer (note, trailer, not teaser)
  13. + [brains] possibly fake; 100% real; enjoy.
  14. actually, anything involving modern warfail 2 results in or :x
  15. Thanks man. Yeah i know how forums work so i got the general idea of following rules lol but most deff any questions i will not hesitate to ask for some answers.
  16. Thank Carbon. I have been skating for over 12 years now and its still a passion of mine. Glad to know you checked out my skate vids, i love my fans.
  17. i still say failward... and if not that, modern warfail 2.
  18. The names Chris Gentry. I reside in Adamstown, Pennsylvania (Lancaster County) and im 18 years of age. Im a semi-professional skateboarder (couldn't make this up even if i wanted to so read on) with one leg. How you might ask? I was born with PFFD (fancy way of saying i was born without the femur for my right leg) So far in my lifetime i have been to multiple states such as Michigan and Florida all because of skateboarding. I won a bronze medal in 2007 and a gold medal in 2008 (extemity games). I am on a skateteam called Amped Riders (http://www.ampedriders.net) and im also sponsored by Pierced Clothing, Burn A Blunt clothing, and bGoatclan.com (no advertising intended. remove if needed and just put bGoatclan or something) Anyway, i am also a graphic designer and a web designer. I have multiple work to show off so if interested hit me up and you shall see. I also have a heart for gaming and am in love with games such as Halo 3, Halo: Reach, COD series, Tony Hawk series (before TH:Ride) and more! I have also had the privilege of being apart of the all famous bGoat (best Glitchers of all time) from 2005-Now. Our clan has glitched Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4 all through Tony Hawk Ride earning the attention of Tony Hawk & Guitar Hero developers Neversoft. Our leader was flown out twice by Activision to play Tony Hawks Project 8 and Tony Hawks Proving Ground before release. Ever play the Tony Hawk games and see the random goats? Simple hommage from Neversoft to yours truely. You got the game, gimme the name and add the gt: BizBloodshot Other information: http://www.facebook.com/chrisbizgentry http://www.myspace.com/pdgentry For interest in my skateboarding abilities: http://www.youtube.com/tehbizorz Enjoy stalking and might i add this site is deff. the #1. Call of Duty Zombies source!
  19. lets not get our hopes up. The last g4tv i watched was supposed to highlight "Halo:Reach" and only showed like 5 mins of gameplay along with spamming the rest of the show with kid games and the new Star Wars. i was pissed needless to say, but lets hope for that zombie trailer already!
  20. the banhammer shall strike you down.
  21. did someone say weed? im in! anyway, uhm, where were we? oh yeah... lets say they wanted to put Cpt. Price into Black Ops. they could do this but they would either need A. permission from Activision (think about it, why would they need to ask Infinity ward for permission? Activision owns all rights to the Call of Duty title. Any characters included in the "COD" series would infact just be more property that activision overall owns.) or B. just not do it. Like said before, it is 2 different time periods, 2 different wars. If we ever see Cpt Price in a Treyarch COD, he will most likely be in his early 20s-mid 20s and then so on. Unless you wanna see little 8lb 6oz Price cappin' peeps with the gold deagle.
  22. Ok to end all of this bickering; #1. Infinity Ward does indeed fail... can you say, "Respawn entertainment?" pwnt ftw. #2. COD4:MW was the only decent COD game failward has under their belt. (records for MW2 dont mean gameplay isn't horrible... keep that in mind before you jump the gun with "MW2 was amazing! they are in the world records book!" i bet you right next to their "record breaking sales" is the guy for worlds biggest turd... (cross reference ) #3. Treyarch isnt "copying" MW2, they are simply using the same engine (IW engine) with enhancements that the failward team didn't seem to care about. #4. this topic has nothing to do with IW vs Treyarch. If your going to bitch about "iw this, iw that, treyarch this, treyarch that" get a hobby and get off of here. Back on topic: It couldn't have been intentional being that IW and Treyarch each have their own thing goin on in development and i see them as "competitors" in the COD series in which they wouldnt want to give "tips/hints" into what they are doing with their next COD title...
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