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  1. Sure has been awhile...

  2. Can you camo the ballistic knife? :?:
  3. I havn't seen all of the trailers so I didn't see that part. :D
  4. The thing on his arm is a PDA/GPS, but the "grenades" look a bit small for being grenades, maybe shotgun shells? But that's just my specs.
  5. Not trying to bash or hate, but the game is M rated for a reason.
  6. Why don't you GTFO. Here's me expressing myself. People like you are the reason the gaming community is an epic fail. Whining about 2 resused emblems?!? Really, they've totally re-done the MP, SP and Zombies, but a couple re-used emblems and it's the end of the world. I bet the floating apple was gamebreaker for you as well. Get over it, and please do us all a favor and just skip this years game. You obvously have your mind made up already. Thank you Jason for saying what I couldn't even form in my head.
  7. I don't know if I'll like this or not. I like the challenge of pre-set weapons, but I'm unsure if I'll like it or not as I have not played the game yet. :)
  8. I don't know if this was found first but points to them if you have found it first but.....in the new updated GKNOVA6 site all of the numbers on the L.E.D/orange light counters all have the same numbers....47093...maybe Treyarch is really hinting at the Ebola thing.
  9. Xbox live...flying shrimp15 no gold yet but after black ops release i will have gold and hopefully internet.
  10. Thanks dude I like the pic that has the soldier crouched in the tunnel but I liked this one better.
  11. Have you seen the movie Constantine? If not then,in the begining of the movie some people are down in Mexico digging around in the dust and dirt and eventually find the Sacred Spear head -ya know, the one that pierced Jesus' side- maybe Treyarch will incorporate the fact that Hitler and his Nazis were looking for the Spear Head and could have possibly found it. Maybe this is the key that we are looking for....
  12. I am Shrimp. I have no X-Box live Accnt yet but as soon as i get internet i will be online. I have joined because i have played Zombies and I know lots about zombies, so i wish to become a part of you guys system and master Black Ops as soon as its out!!!
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