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  1. is it confirmed that zombies are featured or are we just hoping? :)
  2. The majority of them are good but i doubt we really need the moderatly slow zombies power up with the full zombie stop power up and vice versa
  3. Indeed. If he is fake im sure they dont want him tarnishing Treyarchs name and every one will shut up.
  4. If you dont like it dont buy it. No ones forcing you and your just coming across as whiney. Im sorry you feel this way.
  5. Well said, old chap.
  6. Yes but i doubt that has to do with any of this.
  7. No looks interesting tho. Ghost and Roach were badass.
  8. Besides the colt being nicknamed sally they could be showing off the new customization features in game.
  9. Since its supposedlly a "Full MULTIPLAYER Reveal", I doubt we will see any co-op whatsoever. A beta would make alot of sense and alot of people happy since MW2 would have benifeted greatly from it. I think the 1st option is most likely but of course i hope for all of the above :D
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