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  1. WOW.... :shock: how did those guys learn to do that :shock:
  2. watch to believe...i have to see a vid of proof to believe u
  3. maybe shes the girl that u can see on the pentagon when u are following hudson and mcnamara mason look at her for some seconds she was smoking also
  4. u can see an aug on the wall when u can see alot of zombies coming after u on the uper right tv look and behind the zombies theres the aug and who are those guys that get burned?
  5. vdeh1997


    yep is that numbers the cordinates? and who is she does any1 had an idea of who is she?
  6. lol i asked the same and took me by surprise too xD
  7. 0:09 thats a zombie map!! if u dont believe ill show u a vid by pm
  8. nothing happened... another way u think could b possible? Sorry that's just what I did....I just re-visited the site and I'm not sure now, it's changed since I went on for the first mission ohh its ok
  9. nothing happened... another way u think could b possible?
  10. i found a code what do i do?
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