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  1. Hmm... Haven't heard the dog round one, I would try but if it's the Black Ops version of Der Riese I'm won't be able to help. The power generator whispering/ nursery rhyme has been on the original WaW zombies, not sure if it's on Black Ops Der Riese.
  2. Hmm, if they do add passwords with a DLC, then maybe they'll add DoD usernames as well?
  3. COMPILED LIST: Drmaxis ascension CWZGUTCT Datenbediensteter (data servent) dieglocke fluffy hail hitler ludwig onefifteen peter reichstag reichstaguntoten samantha sophia thegiant theswamp toten untoten wunderwaffe NBelinski vodka TMasaki lifeislight risingsun (in reference to the rising sun facility/ (Shi no numa?)) shinonuma TDempsey 91945 (September 1945) asylum asylum45 banana banana45 peleliu peter smokey verruckt verruckt45 verruckt1945 ERichtofen aether Samantha teddy fluffy Sohpia Maxis Will look around and add to it.
  4. Wait... What? Can't really follow you there. Sounds like you just answered your own question...
  5. I tried the ones you mentioned, and some others based on the names and date. They didn't work, but I think it's a step in the right direction. :)
  6. So far I have tried: Drmaxis ascension CWZGUTCT Datenbediensteter (data servent) dieglocke fluffy onefifteen peter samantha sophia thegiant theswamp wunderwaffe sophia maxis samantha fluffy teddy tmasaki lifeislight risingsun (in reference to the rising sun facility/ (Shi no numa?)) shinonuma tdempsey 91945 (September 1945) asylum asylum45 banana banana45 peleliu peter smokey verruckt verruckt45 verruckt1945 Not much, but I'm going to keep working on it. Going to switch to looking at the tmasaki and sophia accounts. Will update or post.
  7. Looks like one of those butterfly ink Rorschach tests. Now I see the Super Mario face :3
  8. Could the 1st message possibly hint that JFK and the others being the main characters in the new Zombie map?
  9. Apologizing for wall of text. :oops: The Thief is pretty weird, but the more I think about it, the more I'm afraid that he's just something... random almost... to give the players a challenge. :/ I think there might be something behind him, a back story or reason, but I'm not sure if it will shed as much light on him. He doesn't necessarily need to work there, instead he could be teleporting from the outside, maybe even a different time. I also think that the Thief probably just uses the same character model as Clarke, just like our main zombie characters re-used character models from WaW. At the same time, I think the Thief is his own, independant character, with almost no connections to the Campaign. The resemblance is uncanny though, and I not going to give up on this theory just yet. Then again Five could even be non-canon, maybe just a testing grounds of sorts for Treyarch to see what they can do and how the players feel about different things like teleporters and characters. (Though that would be really disappointing) -XIII
  10. Although I think it's unlikely that the fuse boxes do anything, but I'm still curious as to what exactly happened to the Wunderwaffe. After all it was the reason the teleporter overloaded, but I've heard that it has been removed for good because Treyarch thought it was too overpowered.
  11. Used to think that, but it's not always true. I've gotten dogs on Round 5 several times, -XIII
  12. So if you can fight it again, what happens if you somehow manage to defeat it several more times? Would it just keep putting you back to the start, or maybe after defeating a few of the Silverback's brothers, would something new maybe happen? Is it possible, or would it be too hard without a mod or cheat or something.
  13. Oh okay, sorry bout that. Could it just be an audio glitch, like the ones where someone quits and their character still talks throughout the game?
  14. I heard it a long time ago, on Solo with a crawler, same place, it freaked me out so I looked it up. Apparently if you get close to the power generator, you can hear children singing, although it's really faint, and you might have to tinker with the volume levels to hear it clearer. Here's the only video I could find, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsNX15q6 ... re=related May not be what you're looking for, and if it's not sorry, but it's kinda what it sounds like.
  15. I'm pretty new here myself, so I'm not sure And no problem about the pics. Well, when I finally figure it out. Ill make sure to compensate, you've been more than helpful, haha. Just click the little thumbs-up icon to give brains, click the little thumbs-down to give negative brains.
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