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  1. getting drunk on nogg could mean drinking it loads of times. so getting it for x amount of rounds by repeatedly downing yourself every round. a monkey party in the garage could mean having four players drunk on nogg, and all throw monkey bombs in the furnace? or throw it in the garage? the things the teddy's are holding must be important. sorry for bringing up old subject. and you used the fly trap twice in a match??? gotta try that out. is it me, or when the power ups fly away, do they fly towards the sky? or 'aether'. so, it might be something like getting whatever is in the sky to come back down. also, when the hell hounds teleport, the 'lightning' comes from the sky. possible reference? again, sorry for bringing up old news, but it seemed relevant.
  2. please post all your pictures, videos and documents here. this IS NOT A POST FOR SPAMMERS, only to post links to images. it will help get everything together, and make it easier to access.
  3. i believe in henry, but when he's being all cryptica nd not answering, im going to post this to the doves and crows. german- these are dangerous times. henry-i understand that, but these experiments? what possible results to do you expect to yeild? german-how do you sleep? henry- eer.. ive been sleeping ok. ive been sleeping ok, ive been taking the emoxa syrum like everyone else. german-this is test unit/human number seven. henry-what about him in there? german-he's perfectly comfortable. in fact the 'truple'? has been proven to severly reduce his headaches. henry-and i asume he's just another volunteer? german-is there 'ilegible' composition, mr langham? henry-how about this? german-the motive to ascert control on indvidual for 'death' will create everyone equal. henry-answer my question- what about these people? are they volunteers? okay, the parts in inverted brackets are things i couldt hear properly, so i guessed.
  4. can you tell us the things he's predicted? and can we guess who he is? with subtle clues like henry gave out?
  5. to the person who said they can translate german, theres a bit between 28-30 i cant make out, think its german. could you check?
  6. anyone want a transcript of recording 7? pm me, with the whole doves and crow's thing, i want to be on the safe side. to check if henry has moved onto a different forum, wait until GKNOVA0 updates and it says something that doesnt link to waht were speculating on. its what happened to games radarstuff. they didnt understand a single thing going on nova0. which is the link to the tuny url? PM me please
  7. on transmission 9, didnt someone say they heard a number? did anyone get it?
  8. have you seen who's posted it? carbon. everyone will most likely come to this sight, click on GKNOVA6 and then click on the first topic. then they will probably look at the topic with the second most views. not a rant, i see were your coming from, but this is real, not a hoax. read the most recent pages, it comes up with alot of stuff
  9. maybe, JFK assasination will definetly be in cod 7 (reveal trailer shows lee harvey oswarlds name), but they tend to keep zombies and campaign apart.
  10. actually, no not because of the snazzy video. the noise we heard from the mobile number on the poster is exactly the same as as the one on the transmission. also, look how long something in see was. more than three months, i believe.
  11. soz, but its just obvious. even more than zombies in cod 7
  12. cheeseman95


    on the black ops reveal trailer ( a lie is a lie) you can see lee harvey oswalds name being crossed out. and, there was a message a few months ago about this. it said something like the cabal couldnt find the spy. i couldnt find the rest, but it says something like:a controversy if the public had remembere. it basically hints to the fact that the public had been brainwashed into not remembering the truth
  13. i see where your coming from, but the docs carbon go in the mail do relate to the live drop.
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