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  1. I don't see how there can be any hate towards Treyarch for releasing these maps. I for one bought the Prestiege edition and am extremely glad they are being released for everyone. Unless I just have that bad of luck, I have run into only snotty children who their parents bought it for them to play and with their attitude and unwillingness to work as a team really sucks the life out of those maps really fast. With the old maps out I can actually have a chance of enjoying these maps again with the community I like playing a game with or my buddies accross town without everyone crowding my sofa. They dont have to give us anything to the people who bought the special editions for what we already purchased but they are. To me, that shows that they actually do care about their community who play their games unlike many game studios. If you don't like their free gift that they are giving you for buying the expensive version of the game that that is your opinion. Come next year I'll be first in-line for Black Ops 2 or whatever Treyarch has coming at us because developers who seem to actually care about the fan base are too hard to come by these days.
  2. This officially makes me excited for a CoD game again lol. Good to hear that they are going back to (what i consider) the high point for the multiplayer portion of the series.
  3. I'm on the fence about it. Looks really cool and I wanna see how they close out the story, but if Predators come back at such a low killstreak and killstreaks = more killstreaks then imma avoid it at all costs. Those damned Predators would always find me no matter where i hid and they were EVERYWHERE :(
  4. I didn't see any bullets flying towards them or blood splatter from the guy on the left, so I'm just assuming he got blown up, but you could be right. Would definately explain how one survived. Guess the guy could also have been injured and the explosive finishing him off leaving the second guy hurt but not dead.
  5. How can you tell if the car is unbalanced? It didn't even look like it got a kill in the trailer. It got a kill, the guy on the left went boom, yet the guy on the right (who looked closer to it then the other guy) lived. Guess he was just lucky :lol:
  6. McCoy82

    Henry is a hoax

    But has JD ever said something about all the hoaxes that have started here? I don't recall him ever doing something about previous posters on this site or others. The only thing I have ever heard him smash is the subscription for Black Ops, but that had to get insane amount of nerd rage over someone saying they should do it. IMO JD wouldn't say something about this unless it gets on a huge scale like that was, he has other duties like making Black Ops amazing :D
  7. McCoy82

    Henry is a hoax

    Reguardless of where you go looking for this, it still smells fishy. Most of us paying attention to this are people who are looking for news reguarding zombies and will try and make something out of things because they want something to be there. IMO reguardless of where you look on this matter it will all eventually lead to the same conclusion one way or another. I looked through IGN and a few other forums, I couldn't find posts or anything reguarding this matter, so it being and isolated event here on this forum just makes it that much more fishy.
  8. Ty for the responses and welcomes back on topic, I went looking for the type writer and found only one in the upper left corner of the hangar. It looked like giberish to me but on the upper left corner of the page I could see how someone could see it as Shi No Numa, but I would have had to known i was looking for that to make me see it. So for me, I think that's gonna have to be thrown out unless someone with a better TV can make it out more then I can. For the ghosts, went looking for videos on the web or pictures and got nothing. I went looking around where i saw it as well as other people claimeed they did too and they must have been camera shy because I couldn't get a picture for the life of me... but decide to scare the crap outta me when my camera is not ready > I think it would be better suited for a capture card so I'll try and get some when I head to my buddies house this weekend and try and get some footage using his.
  9. Last night when I as doing some private matches with a few friends I thought i saw weird figure while we were doing Nightfire. I disreguarded it then (it was late and was sure I was imagining things), but I went online to look at stuff and according to the COD wiki, there have been reports of a ghost in that map. I started looking around more and according to the site there is weird sounds that can be heard on some of the miltiplayer maps. The maps that were specifically listed were Hanger, Dome, and Asylum. So Asylum was used for the second map and I'm sure its just me but I always thought that the Dome loading screen always looked like Der Riese teleporter room C, also Nightfire being the primary map design for Der Riese. So that left Hanger, which would link into the big speculation that Area 51 was going to be the fourth map pack (in terms of basic concept, nothing more) and there was supposedly a typewritter somewhere in the map that said Shi No Numa ( just read about it, haven't gone in game to look for it yet). This lead me to start thinking that Treyarch hinted at more maps of zombies to begin with but were never able to get around to it. Now this could just be my mind making me want to believe there is more zombie goodness coming in one of the unannounced Black Ops modes (which it probably is :? ) and a wiki is a horrible place to believe things from most of the time, but I wanted to get your guys take on this since this community knows a lot more about everything zombie related then I do. If this has already been posted (searched but didn't see anything) or if I'm just that tired and this makes absolutely no sense, feel free to bash away at my theory here is the link for the pages i found all this stuff on: Der Riese info : http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Der_Riese Weird noises (under trivia, 22nd bullet point) : http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Call_o ... rld_at_War Ghost on map: http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Nightfire
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