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  1. Nice video.But I think the guy who interviewed Josh was kind of drunk/sloppy.
  2. It's not the best weapon for lots but we see what your pin pointing.The f2000 is maybe the most unrecognized gun by far in mw2.But,If you use it in hardcore w/ some special attachments like HS(Holographic site) and silencer it kicks ass Some just don't prefer it because it fails in the players hands and most of the players need a special gun which can do 2 terms at one. ACR-Best at every single map including small,mid,and large size maps.Recoil is by far the best.
  3. Hmmm don't quite know what your saying.Writing came up on the screen?Never heard that before.There are a lot of 10 Prestige lobbies hanging in the ps3 but never heard one that resets your stats.Try to pass the same data on to your pc.Check the MP info and reset them the way they were before.
  4. Maximan


    WOW,I now I was not there for the experience but it's wonderful to share the same gaming experiences and everything!CodZ FOR EVER!
  6. Maximan


    Campers and Noob Tubers.Enough said.
  7. Wow!Great to see the community searching and searching.I did also called the number on my cellphone and what I heard was the ''Ice Cream Truck Song''.Its a little related to the song when you open the Mystery Box.One of my ideas is,if zombies return,this can be the ''new'' theme to the box.
  8. Thanks to all of you.I'ma need a book full of instructions on how to use this site.BRUDDA!!I'm so sorry confusing you bro.All of you may use whatever name you want if it makes it easier.
  9. Hi guys,long time no see.I have seen a lot has change for the past(Months I guess) for example:New users,new web design,and of course Treyarch's introduction of Call Of Duty:Black Ops XD.We are all very excited for it.Ok enough chit-chat.For those of you who don't know me,remember me or hate me( XD )I'd be happy to introduce myself.My name is Gabriel,most of you know me for ''Coqui123'' but I decided to call me here Maximan(It looks cool lol).I'm Puerto Rican and I'm a fan of Treyarch's zombies and their work.Here is my explanation of not being here:Enjoy! My girlfriend and I broke up about 1 month ago and I was in deep depression.Thanks to my awesome friends I overpassed this situation and was normal once again.Right now I am dating once back again and happy.Since then I decided to check the website to see how it was going and I was shocked.So I decided to register once again to share my ideas with all of you. I'm happy to once be back here and be part of the wonderful experience. Have a Nice Day, Maximan a.k.a Coqui123.
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