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  1. BTW, which character can see the moon, who not?
  2. RoosterL117, good theory we will see tonight, dont we?
  3. OMG i thougt this is the spamfree zone? But i only read: sent me pm i sent pm and other bullshit GREEAAAATTTT
  4. Why does he say "WE found..." ??? BTW i can German too ;-) I think the next update will be a riddle to the new meeting place
  5. Thats a bit offtopic but can someone give me a link to all the pedo? I want see the defference beetwen them.
  6. Hey, is there any big news about the GKNOVA Stuff or is this the end? Damn i watched some documentation about MKULTRA on tv and it was really interesting, damn what is the fucking truth, lol. It was about the mindcontrol as some guys already found out. I didn't knew that it might be the truth or just a little bit. But good to see that Treyarch is working on a good story. So we play a mindcontrolled elite soldier? But Black Ops will have zombies, the gknova site and the phonenumber with the jingle, and then the hidden zombie looking guys and wehn ever Treyarch were asked about zombie they just ignored it. It must be a zombie mode or the game sucks xD And i hope they will tell the true story about the Nazi Zombie in any way. @play2often I was searching for the cipher too and asked too but it was ignored, i don't know why (If there was anyting already known, sry about that but i was long time not on this forum active and sry for my bad english oh an nice Forum design ^^)
  7. great video, i hope there will be a full GKNOVA6 movee, would be great!
  8. TheDelta

    30 Minute Audio

    sounds like zombie scream sometimes.
  9. it sounds like Transimission 5 i think, i will play this faster
  10. In german it is UBOOT ^^
  11. Nice found. Could be possible, the words nazi and nova sounds good. Look at this image. It may has 1-26 and A-Z like the Decoder Ring. It also has 3 pieces of tape, behind some fields. tape #1 = 1 tape #2 = 3 tape #3 = C I can't see it correctly, need a better image.
  12. We sould check the cooridnates from these location. ANd they will not kill you, they will send their zombies to you and than they will eat you, lol. And the british guy was not killed with these bullets that carbon became, because giovanni was killed with two shots.
  13. I mean you don't have a case with leaked files... But i don't understand what Giovanni did, in the e-mails the two mens didn't really know it too. (I also don't know if these two guys killed him later)
  14. well, what about the e-mails ? It does play rigth NOW? So they want to find out the fomulare, which the nazis already knew? E-Mail 1 said that they have most of these files translated, the translated file is for example the Document #5, (but this was translated 1968 and the e-mail was from 2010) In E-Mail #2, are they talkin about US ? So they actually about us (so some are on the list, like Shoreyo^^. Maybe you guys know to much, i don't know) "They discuss wild theories" - So we are far away from the Truth. And what is usenet? Is it this http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usenet ? SO ACE post there leaked files? And when GK find them - they will kill them. Like Giovanni. And what mean he with "So, how's the wife" ? I red somewhere that a women will be part in the sog team - is that right? If yes, they are testing maybe the woman as prototype one (E-Mail #1) ##Sry for my english ##
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