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  1. I get that if this was real then treyarch would try and keep it a secret, but I highly doubt that they would have the power/make some one delete there account just for a map pack... If at all they would make them delete the comment or issue some statement retracting what they said. And if Danny trejo did have a Facebook page he would probably have thousands if not more fans. No one's going to delete their account just because treyach told them to. Especially someone like a Movie Star. Think, People! And if this does in fact turn out to be true. Then ill admit I was wrong but I doubt it..
  2. Ahh, Danny Trejo doesn't have a facebook page.... I can't believe no ones figured that out yet. lol It's fake guys, it was originally posted by The Tech Game
  3. I was thinking that exact same thing dude, like one person stands at each lander and calls it in a certain order...
  4. I Think it has something to do with the landers. There a 4 power points: 1 Generator and 3 landers. So maybe if we take the landers in a certain order we unlock the next step. Why else would the landers only be 250 points??
  5. I can get on right now and help out if you need another player let me know and Ill send you a message
  6. Congrats you found the radio that Ive been trying to get someone to upload for the past hour!!!
  7. They just take your perks. Once you lose it you have to buy it again. But they don't break the machines.
  8. It says something about sending monkeys into space
  9. Yeah It's by the Stamina UP perk, it's very difficult to explain. I'll be willing to hope on Live right and show you or anyone, i just don't got any way to post the transmission.
  10. Its hard to explain the spot where it's at. It would be easy to just show someone...
  11. I found a new radio but I dont have a cap card to upload the transmission can someone with one help me out?? Anyone want to get On LIVE with me so I can show you?
  12. Hey now, there's no need to cuss. And we already figured this one out a long time before you came to this forum
  13. I believe there just talking about the show "NOVA"
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