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  1. I think that Tank,Takeo,and Nikolai should go back in time on the teleporter and stop Richtofen fromtaking control over the zombies
  2. Why is Nacht in there? It has nothing to do with the storyline. Plus, how do they go from dirty in Ascension to clean in Shangri-La then back to dirty in Moon? Sorry for being a bummer :mrgreen:
  3. Remember when the first official trailer had documents with the GK logo on them? I haven't seen those at all in the campaign. Did they abandon the GK?
  4. I don't know which pic but the one will at the old guys that looks like a class photo is from Operation Paperclip. OP was started to track down all the former German and Nazi scientists to get as much information on former Nazi projects out of them as possible.
  5. dolphyfan


    Maybe some people even hacked confidential government files without knowing and just disregarded them because they weren't linked to black ops :lol:
  6. Apparently phi is used in physics to signal electric potential. Interesting ;)
  7. uh, all these numbers make my brain hurt
  8. Doc7 mentions electric shock. Does anyone think this has correlation with the debut trailer?
  9. The gas itself is named after the German scientists who discovered it. Schrader in particular discovered many different nerve agents.
  10. In there is also a newspaper clipping talking about the Roswell incident, Truman, and Eisenhower. Now we add aliens to the mix?
  11. Great job getting these pics guys!!! I'll keep watching the game and tune you guys in since you're all dying to know :D
  12. Did you guys notice that the document that flashed at the beginning was from the decoding of gkonva6.
  13. channel 206. trust me. it's supposed to be on during the eastern conference finals, not west. Orlando vs. Boston The trailer should show during the 3rd quarter. If you wanted to see the laker game I can tell you it was fantastic :D
  14. speaking of the NBA ECF, is anyone actually going to watch the game or tune in just for the trailer? Tonight my LAKERS take on Los Suns :D
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