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  1. Cheers lads! Thanks for the warm welcome.. Looking forward to the next few weeks here with all the codes, and good luck to any of you's who are helping out with the cracking! I've been known to throw in the odd focal Gaeilge here and there too.. 8-) Go n'éirí an t-ádh libh! -Ted
  2. Hello all, I'm Matt, 18 years old and I'm Irish! I've been hooked on Nazi Zombies from the very beginning and I'm fascinated by the back story to it all.. Codes are another one of my reasons for loving the whole thing, and partly the reason I joined up again, after GKNOVA6 sparked my interest.. I hope to look into as much as this as possible, but I've exams coming up, which will limit my time online :/ Anyway, that's about it! Any questions? Is mise -Ted
  3. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knows where "Sputnik" came out of? Was the code on SOMD.com bruteforced, or figured out manually? -Ted
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