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  1. Im sure this is real because the same thing happened with mp1 and mp2 good find
  2. Ima go with demon and pick the legendary Call of Duty 4. For MANY reasons!
  3. Wow......Being in the UK really blows at the moment
  4. Im 9th, could be 10th but stoppd playing for about a month, then barebones came put......IM HOOKED :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  5. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe you think Modern Warfare 2 is shit but some other people don't, the most sold game on the Xbox 360??? Yes, so it isn't shit that is a thing called opinion if I remember and once again if I remember everyone one has their opinion,Correct? Yeah I thought so. And if you make up names about games Im sure its supposed to make sense "Modern Suckfest 3000" WHO THOUGHT OF THAT YOUR LITTLE BROTHER? So I personally enjoy it, oh and I seem to remember everyone was an IW fanboy but now IW have made some faults everyone has turned against them? And as I read on another thread there is a difference between Mw2 sucks and blind Treyarch fanboyism. And whoever wrote hit the nail right on the head. Thanks for reading Regards, RM_2020 (Ross)
  6. RM_2020


    Yeah a mod lock this please? This is getting outta hand
  7. RM_2020


    :facepalm: lol epic fail
  8. technically, its two guys in a suit lol But SUPER technically its two guys in suits xD
  9. I dont have a problem with all of the things listed... and by campers i meant people that hide in corners, i dont have any problem with people that just stay on top of buildings ect. However, i completely have a problem with noob tubes. Just because something is powerful in real life doesn't mean it should be that good in the game. People dont hate noob tubes just because of the fact that they are grenade launchers, people hate them because they are overpowered. i just think if a weaon is so good, why do people hate it? why dont they use it? they obviously only hate it because it others are skillful with it and get good kills but they cant so they call it 'nooby' which i find sad, i just want to play and have fun, but i get distracted by people saying to me over mics and on txt: "you F***ing noob go **** your mum i want you to die you noob go leave cod and never come back!" and normally for just winning, ive was called a noob by a guy called 'AjaX' i think, and he told me to stop using nooby weapons, so i used the starting pistol without a scilencer on cod 4 and i was still given abuse by him and others for winning,so i told them to stop playing if they are so sad they cant handle being lv 55 10th prest and being beaten by a lv 3 (as i was then) player and if they are that terrible at cod they shouldn't bad mouth other players (they must of been using that 10th pres glitch because they were terrible at the game) Right mate, I am not kidding, I 10000000% AGREE with you on everything,if a gun is overpowered why dont they use it. Frankly the only gun I think is FAR too overpowered is the ACR but so what.if you dont like it DONT PLAY IT simple as. I run about quickscoping with throwing knives, I find it fun if you dont simply stop complaining and play something else
  10. Definately not GKNOVA.To me it looks like GCXOVA But the X could be an N but I also know for a fact it is a C and not a K!
  11. Well technically it WASNT a secret room because if it was in the game it wasnt going to be a secret :L
  12. Wow you seriously are the biggest Treyarch fanboy I have EVER seen , you will find mate that it infact IS a pair of legs not a whole body AND there is no stupid secret room as the whole zombie forum got their hopes up and searched der riese on september 24th (i think) and flamethrowed some retarded door shot a pole with a wunderwaffle and wait for a bridge to come down only to turn around to a swam of zombies behind then....THE END :ugeek: :geek:
  13. Ermmm......Who the hell told you that?
  14. Well, it's hard to say but, Mw2 has turned me into a camper because of all the killstreaks. So I'd be glad with 3 - UAV, 5 - Artillery, 7 - Tank for 60 seconds (I hate dogs cause you can't destroy and there is no perk for them not to attack you so....
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