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  1. That was just one of many questions I asked. I did try and ask some interesting ones that they could answer rather than dodging but they decided to pick that one instead. ;)
  2. The blog talks about previewing Black Ops Multiplayer (http://blog.eu.playstation.com/2010/07/ ... pisode-17/) but it has since turned out to be a misunderstanding. WePlayCoD first confirmed there won't be any MP details on the show but have since deleted their tweets. However, FirstPlay have also clarified on the matter. http://twitter.com/FirstPlay_UK/status/19685306096 Luckily, I still think we will get a Multiplayer trailer or details in the next 2 weeks or so.
  3. I think what would be cool if we got a trailer today and some previews tomorrow, just wishful thinking of course. The fact that the first Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer trailer was released exactly a year ago today may also either be good to note or completely coincidental.
  4. I've tried MERCHANDISE, didn't work.
  5. Yeah, I downloaded the file but a password is needed to open the PDF. Treyarch are doing well with this whole Viral stuff. ;)
  6. Wow he's not kidding! Second video up.
  7. Bethesda already said it's cool but nothing to do wit them, yet people still think it's Fallout related haha. The fact that CoD and Treyarch community members got a USB clearly tells us it's Call of Duty 7 related. I'd also very much doubt that it's Singularity too, whether it was an Activision game or not. The USB was targeted at certain people for a reason. Simply because they're very good at solving CoD/Zombie secrets and hints.
  8. The Google Analytics shows some Activision sites, including gknova6.com http://www.w3who.com/google-analytics/UA-6621671
  9. As long as Commando, Marathon and Lightweight type perks don't make it, I'm happy I'd also be up for less damage increased based perks, such as Stopping Power. I think another cool way to balance perks would be for them to all have a pro and con ability.
  10. Someone on Twitter done research and told me the following: Also, if there was any doubts before. And this basically confirms the site is Activision owned http://forums.bethsoft.com/index.php?/t ... __15823828
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