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  1. Snowyman13 is back ;D and now im ready to jump back on for looking for easter eggs c;
  2. tat video was sick fake or not it still got alot of peoples attention
  3. hey demon ;D welcome to the new forums
  4. sadly mine is 19 i always had to play tat by myself ....
  5. lvl 60 i didnt bother to get to my old lvl afte4r i was hacked and people stopped going on [email protected]
  6. i would have to say I like Der Riese because it was a challenge and all the new stuff they add wasfun(a ton of easter eggs though) but me and my friends did have alot more fun in shi no numa
  7. hahaha thank u i feel welcomed already xD
  8. hello everyone ;D I'm Snowy. I'm 15 i live in LA California(its pretty fun here if u hang with the right crowds...) and I like different kinds of music, talking(about anything ) reading, and gaming. I have a PS3 . My PSN Snowyman13(im lvl 9 right now competeing with my friends to lvl 13 on psn overall).i have quite a few games just ask me which ones. I'll be posting on here so you'll see me around. I'm also gonna be on codz forums just look for snowyman13. p.s. im in my sophmore year and taking art classes and preparing for college(i might start drawing art for mw2 forums and codz but all i have is charcol and paper none of that fancy tablet computer stuff)
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