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  • Microsoft needs help from Sony

    Hells Warrrior

    this week, Microsoft revealed that it is working to support cross-platform and cross-network play on Xbox One - aka PS4 vs Xbox One multiplayer. So that means in the future, you could be playing online multiplayer titles with your PC and PS4 friends on your Xbox One. 

    But, as expected, Microsoft won't be able to do this alone. 

    "Most of you probably noticed that we made an announcement saying that we're now enabling cross-network play support. So if a developer wants to cross game networks, we'll support them on our side," explained Jason Roland, Head of the Xbox Advanced Technology Group. 

    "Obviously we need support from the other supporting networks, but we're working with the first wave of titles on this and we'll start releasing titles very soon that show the ability to actually cross networks together."

    So that means Microsoft is going to need Sony's help to enable cross-platform play between the Xbox One and PS4. Will Sony be up for that? We're not sure, as it seems there's not much in it for them. 

    However, Microsoft believes that it will be very appealing for developers. 

    "From a developer's perspective, this is really about increasing the player pool - making sure that you have the largest audience possible. That you're not letting your ecosystem be restricted by whether they bought it on PC, or they bought it on Xbox, or they bought it on another console.

    "We want to give [developers] the tools to make sure [they] have the largest player base possible and [they] can keep that player base engaged in [that] franchise," added Roland. 

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    Sony made a statement a few days ago that they're open to discuss this, so it's at least in motion!

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