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Howling in revelations

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I've heard similar noises of a tiger's roar but I don't think I was wearing anything, as I've yet to use the stage masks, just Als hat in the cell of motd, couldn't tell you if I was wearing this when it happened,  if so I'd say it would be a hell hound rather than a tiger. 

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On 7 September 2016 at 3:32 AM, LuckyMonkey909 said:


So I got wolf mask that gives you in upgrade on stamin up. Well, every time I got 20-30 kills in under 10 seconds I would hear a wolfs howl. What could this mean and does it have any significance?

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I get this a lot too. I have no idea why the wolf howls after so many kills. I shoot one bullet of my AS and I hear the howl 3/4 times per shot. Really weird.

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